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The whole story…

Ok so I was with Griffin at an early morning playdate.  I was all set to come home and get started on some house things…I get in the car at about 11:40 and see I missed two calls. So I open to see it was Richard. Cool maybe he is nearby and wants to have lunch with Griffin and I.  Cool we dont get to do that very often any more. I call him back and his exact words are; ” I am hurt where are you?” I said, “where are you” and he replied, “at home”. So now as I floor the accelerator I ask him to tel me what happened.  From the way he is talking I can tell he is in a great deal of pain.  Hes just asks me to get home. We get in our neighborhood and I am going about 50 MPH and Griffin, bless his heart says, “mommy we should not go too fast in out neighborhood!” In the mean time I have called my friend and neighbor to come down and try to get in to fort knox….I mean out house. (Note to self, get keypad to garage door fixed once and for all!!) She is waiting for me as I drive like Tony Stewart into the driveway.  She grabs Griffin and I bolt inside…there sits the man in super uber pain….and he is not one to let pain do much to him…high tolerance.  Needless to say, he was taking short breaths and looked like he was really hurting.  I got him up and into the car and we went straight away to the hospital. On our way there, he told me how he slid on a small embankment and stopped right on some ice and felt literally fell flat on his back.  He stayed motionless for more then ten minutes. Once up he went to his car and come home. He was not alone there was another guy there.  He told me he was having a hard time drawing a deep breath and that his back was fine it was his chest that had ALL THE PAIN.

So once at the hospital they decided that he should have an EKG and be on a cardiac monitor as well as have a cardiac blood workup and a chest x-ray. He had to have three EKG’s and was on the cardiac monitor for about 4 hours and had to have an IV and blood draw.  His EKG came out fine and the chest xray came out fine and the cardiac monitoring only showed some extra heart work from the swelling of the chest muscles. They also said that when the muscles and ligaments around the heart are injured the heart works a little bit harder.   After being there about 6-7 hours we went home.  Pain meds and all……….We stopped and picked up both the boys who were now with our friends and went home….it was a long ans stressful day.  Worrying about your heart is a tough business…if you were to ask Richard he had no idea how stressed I was till we got home and talked about it before we fell asleep. He thought I was OK with it the whole time…you know me the heartless one. I was worried that he punctured a lung or had internal bleeding or even GOD FORBID damaged his heart.  We are fortunalte that while he did hurt his heart h did not damage it permanently.

Today, he wanted to go to the office…for the love of GOD. We had 6 inches of snow fall last night and it was snowing quite good when we woke up.  I told him I would take him and he had one hour. So we dropped the boys at school and headed for the what is usually a 12 minute trip.  It took over an hour.  But he was able to relax and that is OK with me.  As promised ,one hour later, we left and picked up Griffin at school and a few books at the library and headed home to the recliner. He is resting with a book as we speak. Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for all you positive thoughts and prayers friends.  It is appreciated very much. I also appreciate that I did not have to think once about the boys and the care they were in. It made the hospital stuff easier to handle.