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It is a celebration weekend here…

So the when the weekend is over I will have aged one more year!!! Originally the idea was that we would go to lunch, all four of us at a favortie fish house.  Then Richard took the boys to shop for a gift to day and they had to argue about the color…Griffin dark blue and Spencer Green…it was enough to make Richard fit to be tied so he loaded them in the car and left.  I do not know what they were looking at but apparently it came in those two colors…and maybe purple…my favortie color. The world may never know. So they cam in the house and both had to go to their respective rooms, which is not really a big deal since in their closet is a private passway to each others rooms that Richard put in for them. SO time in your room, if you play it right doesn’t have to be totally alone. After that drama was over we played a game and litened to music and got dinner made done and eaten…Earlier in the day Spence had gone to a friends for the day and Griffin and Richard made a red velvet cake…YUM…that is for tomorrow though. But I am not sure where the gift thing is going to go.  SO back to lunch..after his ruined trip to the store he came home and said we are going to late lunch by ourselves I will get a sitter for them…now that is a good gift…we never get time alone unless we ship them to my brothers house or they both have playdates….well there is the occasional sitter cuz we have a neighborhood party to go to… but that is just not the same as he and I eating alone for as long as we want.  Hell maybe I can go shopping and get my own gift in whatever color I want!!

SO yeah..Happy Birthday me….Tomorrow.