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about a birthday…

I had a terrific birthday…..thanks for asking and for the wishes everyone.  I started out with a sleep in…well till about 7:30…actually that is early for me as I usually get up about 8 on Sunday…hmmm rethink that for next year (though part of that was the whole back debacle).  I did my grocery game lists and got my stuff together and had some yummy omelet and sausage with the family. Yeah, I let him cook…he can cook some things really well.  Afterwords they headed to Sunday School and church and I got ready for some alone time in the grocery stores.  Doing the list shopping on Sunday mornings is the best.  I get to go alone and I enjoy my time alone. But it wont last long. Church is a family thing we do and so I will have to go on Mondays while Griffin is at school, I am OK with that.

Anyway, (no Jenn I am not having an ADD moment) I come down from showering and ready to hit the stores and my cars battery is DEAD…yep…barely breathing. I call two neighbor men and no one is home….Church…right….so I finally get a hold of the one guy (the real one I wanted because he owns a two shop and has all the right stuff) he is on his way home and he can help out. So I have to wait.  Once he gets home he brings a charger and we charge it for 10 minutes and I am good to go. Now, for a GG’er the way to spend the birthday could not have been better…I hit my three stores and made it home having spent only $122.00…heaven I am in heaven.  I have to plug my GG again…it is a life and money saver for us.

SO once I get home…I get the stuff put away and get to open my gift from my boys. Now, most moms would expect something….um….ahhhh…momish girlish…not this mom…my boys know me..I got a T1 Western Digital External Hard drive…and I was more then thrilled!!!  I have yet to get it working but it has room for 285,000 jpegs (photos) and 285,000 MP3’s .  I have 3200 MP3’s and 3500 jpegs…so I got me enough storage for a little bit more time…and and and I get a ton of free space on my hard drive on my laptop giving me more speed and just an all over happier momma…

Off to dinner we go…our favorite place Bob Chinn’s..best fresh seafood around. Not cheap, not easy to get into but sooooo worth it…I had fresh clam, clam chowder, charbroiled grouper, white rice and Dr. Pepper!!  Same for Richard only he had a diet (that man) and Spencer had crab legs….he loves his legs…he had soup too…Griffin….my little easy eater. He had eggrolls with peanut butter in them…they were oh so yummy…I was sung to (which BTW I hate) when the boys told them it was my birthday.  Along with that I got a free slice of chocolate peanut banana pie. Delicious glad that they sang after all.

The very full ride home was quite and, well, full.  We all ate way too much.  Once home the boys let loose with a run around and some wii and, well, Richard and I vegged.  Soon we headed up stairs and the movie tonight Monsters Inc.  I never tire of Sully and Mike. I think I may have slept for about 45 minutes…and yes, it was about 6:00pm….(blush)

The boys hit the sack at the usual and I hit it right after them.  Richard is still struggling with sleep and the back.  He sleeps but not for long and not real well…My God that happened on Thursday how come he is not better by now. PLEEEEEEEase…really, he is banged up pretty good…have to get him on some muscle relaxers.

This morning I went with four other moms to free coffee Monday’s at McD’s. I of course being a non coffee drinker got a sweet tea.  We had a super fun 2 hours of talk from religion to gossip to you name it.  It was fun.

So here I am another year older another year wiser and just as beautiful as ever…inside and out. YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT??!!  I got mob connections,  Right Jenn…Gambino….’nuff said.


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  1. Happy, happy Birthday! (But, it sounds like it already WAS.)


    Only that I totally agree!!

  3. ok so i totally commented yesterday and it’s gone. did you delete me?

    free coffee mondays – that’s cool.

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