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more about a back….and a five week cough

well, the back is not felling a bit better in fact worse. We knew it would get worse before it got better…it always does.  One thing that concerns me is that they did nothing with his back in the ER.  While he told them he fell and hard flat on his back the pain was all in his chest and not in his back.  They were very concerned about the chest pain thinking heart attack or heart involvement.  They did nothing with the back since there was no obvious pain.  I think it was a mistake. I think when someone comes in complaining that they fall flat on their back they should at least talk to you about it. Maybe think about an x-ray…I don’t know.  I do know that I will be getting him into the doctor today and trying to get him on a muscle relaxant and possibly an x-ray of his back. He has a whole lot of pain and it is really bad at night. He can not get in a position of comfort. That means that I can not either that makes for two crabby parents.  Not a good place to be. I have not had to deal with back pain.  I do not have cronic back pain and have been fortunate to have never hurt my back. I do not know the pain. I do know he is in pain…he is not a guy who lets things get him down or stop him.  This is.  He has had lower back pain or strain beofre from moving things he sould not have…that was way way way different according to him.


I am taking Griffin to the doctor today for the cold he can not shake…going on 5 weeks with the clear runny nose and cough.  We have done the breathing treatments and they seem to have effect for about 2-3 hours. That is pretty much what they should do.  But he is not wheezing and in breathing distress so I hate to keep giving it to him.  I think he needs a steroid to knock it out.  I hate to do that to him.  But I also hate that he doesn’t sleep well because he is coughing so much at night. 5 Weeks is long enough.

So that is up with you and your family any illness’ or pains taking you down? Tell me I am not alone…