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I think it is time for a call out…AGAIN…

OK so I have hits from some places close to home…Wheeling and then some from Cleveland OH and Pottesville MI and Lake Forest CA and well just lots of places to many to mention and all with more then one read.  So if you have started reading with any regularity please put a comment in or if you don’t want to do that them email me. I would love to know who you are.  Wheeling reads here a lot so it is someone I know.  I think I have more readers from California now and then there is the Washington state people and a few from other places.  Seriously, I don’t care but would love to know who you are and/or maybe just how I know you or don’t know you. If your a friend of Sybil that would be nice to know too…yeah I know I spell her name wrong EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.



and in other news….

the blizzard…NO SHOW….I hate that we have to depend on the weather people for accurate weather.   I know that it is not an exact science but really get everyone’s undies in a bunch for a cold and frozen blizzard and have it not come…if the words of my little friend Alex,… BLUCK.

I am on a new medicine and have taken it exactly one time.  I am excited to see if it is a good one for me and will most likely blog more about it down the road after I have been on it a while. Let’s see what it does first…hoping it does not give me the shakes or make me even more insane.

Spence is really loving school this year.  I am glad that he likes it so much. It is not that he did not like it last year or really at any time in his life but he is showing how much he just really likes it.  End of last year they took some standardized test and his class tested highest in the West school of second graders.  Now, in most school that is not a big deal, but remember, we have about 500 second graders in the West side of the school.  Spencer was at the top of that list in reading and spelling and science. The handwriting was, well, let’s say that he and I have nothing in common there and that was the only other area that they looked at. I am proud of him.  Now, if I could get a handle on his ADD-ness and focus issues I would be a supremely happy mom.  I am very very proud of him…and being supremely happy is not all it is cracked up to be… He is a cub scout through and through.  He loves scouting and everything about it.  Two of his favorite shows is Survivorman and Man vs Wild.  He.loves.them.   Being a scout lets him live a little bit of the Survivor instinct he has. Being out in the woods and roughing it as us whimpy moms call it is his thing. He has earned so many belt loops awards, giving him every reason to be very proud of his accomplishments.

Griffin has two friends at school that he adores…Jayden and Jacob. He plays EVERY.DAY. with them. They play endless truck and car games and a few bouncing ball games.   When they are outside they shovel snow. They are all boy….he has learned to write his name and knows his city and state and street.  We are working on telephone number here at home and some handwriting of letters. I have to say that one of his favorite things is to be outside.  He could play out all day long.  even today , when it is 0 degrees, with a slight windchill making it -11, he wants to be outside, and he is. I have him in heavy snowpants and ultra warm boots with thick gloves and three hats..plus a scarf at his neck…he wanted nothing on his face whic means breathing treatment when he comes in.  He has made about 6 paths down the drive with his shovel in the 6 inches of snow. He is NOT phased at all by the cold…now that is moma’s boy.  Yes, I still own three coats and wear none. He loves to use his metal dump trucks as snowplows and his lawn mower as a ‘plow like daddies’. He is so much the same boy he was when he came home and yet totally grown up. In the spring of that first year we were home I could not keep him in the house.  Every opportunity he got he wanted to go out. That boy still lives here.I love to watch his imagination at work.

I am looking forward to getting away for a three day week end in the near future.  IF,… I can get dates from a friend (now that she has her home spotless she should be able to come up with a few).  I want to be able to spend time with all the magnificent ladies that read her blog and with whom she has friendships with.  They are a great bunch of ladies extremely supportive. YEAH, this is a hint.

Sitting in our garage are five hugmungous boxes..1000 lbs heavy in all. It is the playset for the boys.  It was found on sale online mid December. It was delivered there after and sits on Richard’s side of the garage. (yes, his car is now in the driveway)…yes, we have a three and a half car garage.  NO, I did not get the toys side cleared out so that the delivery could go there.  Yes, I am that mean I guess. But I did take delivery and I did work with the delivery guy and a neighbor to get it in said garage. It was b*%$chin heavy.  This spring we will be putting said playset together..I think we will have a put the playset together party this spring…please try and come…it should be a riot. Cameras optional. No live video…too much cussin.

I guess I should shut up now since there was so much that I wanted to accomplish this afternoon…clean the kitchen and bathroom down here and get three loads of laundry done. So far all I have done is written my 300th post and watched my cutest little Russin boy play snow plow driver in the driveway. ..I am off and running.