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I think it is time for a call out…AGAIN…

OK so I have hits from some places close to home…Wheeling and then some from Cleveland OH and Pottesville MI and Lake Forest CA and well just lots of places to many to mention and all with more then one read.  So if you have started reading with any regularity please put a comment in or if you don’t want to do that them email me. I would love to know who you are.  Wheeling reads here a lot so it is someone I know.  I think I have more readers from California now and then there is the Washington state people and a few from other places.  Seriously, I don’t care but would love to know who you are and/or maybe just how I know you or don’t know you. If your a friend of Sybil that would be nice to know too…yeah I know I spell her name wrong EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.



5 Responses

  1. you can’t come visit until you can spell it correctly backwards and forwards. but please don’t post it here.

    still waiting on b to get his schedule.

  2. I visit regularly, and post sometimes!

  3. You know I’m a regular lurker and occasional commenter!
    Hope DH is feeling better.

  4. Debi…I read whenever there is a post. I connect from my work computer so it could show me coming from anywhere as I connect via a VPN to my corporate network.

  5. OK so I know all you yahoos and I know where you come from..but thanks..it is the others that read and don’t comment where are you all from!!

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