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coolest of the cool

coolest of the cool

this is what a cool 2nd grader looks like, I guess…that is what I am told…flames and skulls…I know some people who are mortified.  Took this with my new camera phone…it is ok for silly shots but not for ones to scrapbook…if I ever do that again.  But for now Aunt Judy can see it and a few of my forum friends will enjoy it too…I am slowly getting all my files on my new Ex. Hard drive.  I should be a photo taken and posting fool then…watch out. It had about 9000 items to copy over…it is more then half done…tomorrow should be the day to go…


4 Responses

  1. Dude! That’s WAY Cool.

  2. Yep, very cool!

    How do you organize you digital pictures? Right now, I have a folder for each month but I’m not sure that’s working for me….

  3. Paula I do them by year then event. Labeled as such but the transfer is not sending them that way…I will be re doing it all. sigh…I also do it for each boy and then brother pictures and then family.

  4. wait – what? an actual photograph posted on debi’s blog?! be still, my heart!

    what a cutie – that boy of yours. i’ve noticed skulls are the new theme in many stores. it’ll pass. then there will something else yucky. it never fails.

    stay warm.

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