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    January 2009
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day two…of five off of school

So hubby and I decided that for the boys to play Wii on the weekend they would have to earn their time.  It means doing real honest to god educational work during the week that is not homework.  They have many things to choose from. One of the things is to work together reading or playing educational games and puzzles. Our goal was for them to A.) get more educational time in and B.) let them learn about earning things other then allowance.

playing school during a day off school

playing school during a day off school

here you see that in action…it is so nice. They are working on opposites in this picture and currently, teacher is working with student on letter sounds in the pup/pop books.  Too dang cute.  Now, those of you with girls, this is probably not such a new thing, but two boys, playing school, willingly…a mom and teachers dream come true.  Spencer earns his time in 15 minutes increments Griffin, just based on my say so. Spencer must keep track of his own time though. SO far this week Spencer earned 45 minutes…not to shabby. Saturday and Sunday are long days when it is to cold to go outside.  He will be happy he decided to try it, without that Wii he would be bored.

Yes, it is 1:30 in the afternoon here and they are in their PJ’s….we have no where to go and no one to see so I did not care that they wanted to stay in thier PJ’s today.  I know I never had PJ day when I was little and I always wanted to.  I don’t see what the big deal is…they also have many, many pairs of matching PJ’s and have been on this kick to wear the same one as each other every night. Cute but made me get all the laundry done so that they could since this was not the way  it was last week.  Last week if the older one had one the same Pj’s as the younger one then the older one was mad and changed out of his….fickle.

Off to make some yummy focaccia bread and a loaf of french…they love to cook and bake and the 15 minutes of schooling has almost hit an end. Hmmm maybe Parmesan, evoo today.

see ya