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old photos, old memorabilia, and no my mom did not die.

So, most people get to take care of the history and life’s possessions of others after they pass away.  It was a big deal when Richard’s mom died (at 52 from lung cancer…so stop smoking) for his family.  I tried my best to stay out of it because I knew it would be nasty.  It was. Down right dirty and mean. What is wrong with people…Richard and I did what we could to calm the masses but the 5 others just went loony tunes. His parents were divorced, had been for about 20 years. Dad had NO say in anything.

Fast forward to 1999.  My dad passes away (melanoma cancer…wear sunscreen and reapply, please) and my mom is still alive and well. They have property in two places and she decided to do a trial live in Florida. She rents her place here at home, packs up most of her Illinois life puts it is long term storage and takes off for what she says is a trial live in Florida for four years.  Ummmm, yeah…right…we knew she was staying the day we put her on the plane. She is in year three and says well, I think it is definite, I am staying in Florida, living there.

REALLY, I am so surprised.

SO she comes home, here home this past fall and says meet me at the storage locker on this day at this time I am clearing it all out and I want you guys (my brothers and I) to get what you want.

Ok then. it is an odd feeling to go through your families history and things with mom sitting right there…I tell you now.

We meet up at the storage locker and much to my surprise there are already many many boxes ready for me to take. Go figure. Every one of the boxes if filled with photos and albums and history.  Bibles, the death bowl, (named thus because it holds the remembrance cards from every single person who has died that we know) photos of people I am sure I am related to but do not know. Amazing amounts of pictures.


We load those boxes into my van…all 6 of them. Then I get to go through the ‘things’ in the storage locker. The old pots and pans that I learned to cook on, the cookbooks, table linens, etc etc…not to mention the huge box of things my mom saved for each of us of the cards and hand made gifts we each gave her. My box is huge…I am a girl after all with a love of art. There were anniversary cards I made every year and birthday cards and mother’s day cards.  Got me wondering if I ever made anything for my dad. Of course I know I did it just did not get pack ratted away.  Truly, my mom abhors clutter and pack ratting…so I don’t get it.  I go home with my van FULL of ‘stuff’.

Richard is going to have heart failure.The boys were in heaven.

He did not.

SO now I have thousands, possibly millions, (no exaggeration) of pictures to look at. I know that the old ones my brother will want copies of too. Lucky me will get to store the originals for my poor children to have to rifle through when I am gone….I appologize to their wives right here and now.

So I have a new scanner. Nothing fancy but great for photo scanning. I will put every.single.photo on a disk for them and they too can have their own to do with what they please. I took advanage of Circut City closing and got a good deal a scanner, one on sale.I will probably kill it in the next year with all these photos.

How did I get to this place? Is it because I am the girl of the family? What about families with no girls or families with all girls? Poor Hailey and Lauren, the only two girls in our bigger family. I will tell them right now I am sorry for them too.

Little confession, it was really cool to see all my old brownie and girl scout stuff. I gave it to Hailey since I have no girls and she is in scouting right now.  She was thrilled.  Of course it stunk to high heaven of crawl space/time, but she did not seem to mind.  I know her mom was not a scout and so she will  not be getting this stuff from her.

I loved looking at all the stuff too, so while this is a major complaint post … it is a I had a good time looking into the past story too.  I particularly enjoyed seeing all the pictures of my dad through out the years.  We don’t have any of him much younger then freshman year on.  But it was really fun to see him again and relive a few of those memories.

Thanks mom…for ‘letting’ me do this and have a walk down memory lane with dad.  I know I will have a chance to do a walk with you some day too. Though, I hope it is not for many many more years.


2 Responses

  1. i actually think it’s really good that your mom did some of this now.

    i hope you will share some of the cool old photos here! i’d especially love to see a pic of you in your girl scout uniform ;o)

  2. ha good luck with that…I do not know if one even exists

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