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the final day of the long five days off school

tomorrow I can blog about how bored I am since school will begin again.  We have been busy enough…today was no different the boys had fun with friends in the morning and then this afternoon we went to a free reptile show at the library. Well, Spencer and I did. Richard and Griffin stuck here at home.  It was really really neat.. Wildlife Discovery Center did the presentation and brought a bunch of cool reptiles for us to see.  My friend Kelly and her son Cole went with and Kelly about crawled out of her skin with the snakes.  It was hysterical.  I of course petted them with out pause. They were cool.  Did I say it was cool…cause it was.

We had the final round of Spiderman Monopoly to play tonight to see who the big winner is.  I have a ton of money but no buidable property Spencer has a lot of property and a little money and apartments.  Richard has a lot of money and the two big properties…they have skyscrapers on them…he will win…he usually does…but not before I give him a run for his money. There are a few different rules with Spiderman Monopoly.  It is fun to have a little change up from the regular.

SO that is the final installment of the five days off school..we all survived.  But, let’s not do it again…K??

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