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History…in the making YES WE CAN

I took time to watch a little of the Inauguration festivities today.  I will no doubt catch more later.  Spencer wants to watch ‘the part where he becomes President’. It is all so concrete in his mind. It has me thinking about how much he will remember from this historic time and how much I actually remember from when I was seven and a half.  Really…not much.  There was Apollo 13, we were fighting the Vietnam War, Charles Manson was still on trial and at some time my youngest brother was conceived. I somewhat remember a number of plane crashes but not here in the USA. I think it was the launch of some television shows too but really that is about it. Of course he was 33 days old when the terrorist attack occurred no memory of that day for him but plenty in his scrapbook. In his mind, this day will probably hold as much memory as the things I remember from my 7th year of life. Though I hope it holds more.

I enjoyed Presidents Obamas speech.  I like listening to him speak. The tenor of his voice, the subtle calm he has about him.  I also totally appreciated the not so subtle comments of tearing down the old regime and rebuilding America once again.   I look forward to the day change comes home to this house. The day that we no longer have to wonder if there will be enough work at the business to provide for four families.  Times are changing I just hope that it comes soon enough for us all.

Welcome to what I hope is a new, happier chapter in history, triumphant one that we can ALL prosper and be content in.