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  • I am not bothered by the occasional passerby who stops in and reads my blog one or two days.  In fact, I do not have any blocks on my blog because I don’t really care about others stumbling in, I do it on occasion to others  myself…the things I write about here are not earth shattering or news worthy, they are just about us and our lives, our truths and experiences. They are a way that I can keep in touch with the many people whom I have met over the years both IRL and on the internet.  I do not give out more information then I am comfortable with and if I ever decide to I will lock those posts and give out passwords.  For now though, I am OK with what is here.
  • What does bother me is the people who live within my comfort zone.  Within a radius of driving distance less then a half hour. To me coming and reading here when you live close enough to me to ‘find’ me and my family yep, that bother me a heck of a lot. When you read here more then a day or two, yep that bothers me. When you never comment, even when called out to do so,  yep, that bother me a lot. Your reading at home I think because you read at all times of the day and night. That bother’s me too.  So, you see, while I know that the internet is there for everyone and I have chosen to take part in the blogging experience, publicly, with our borders, I think there is a way that I can block IP addresses, here at wordpress, from reading my blog.  If there is not then I will have to move or find another place to blog where I can block and IP.
  • I am not a paranoid person. I am not frightened easily and am not frightened by this.  What I am is pissed. To think that someone in or near Wheeling, Illinois is reading here VERY regularly at all times of the day bothers me. To have been called out and then not reply…bad manners. Perhaps I should post the IP address and see who responds to it.  My guess is that they just stop reading here. Move on to someone else to make them their ‘victim’.
  • I will say that if it is someone that I know, I am sorry.  But I can not imagine who is reading from that area that I know.  Most of the people I know read are not from so close.  I have a few local friends that read but I ‘know’ where they come from.
  • So I put it to you all should I; a.) post the IP address and see if I get a response? or b.) just find a way to block the IP. Heck, c.) I don’t have to do anything because the chicken flies the coop.