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I guess I am a streaker…

Now that should be good for random hits on the stats board huh?  But really I think I am…I posted for what 8 or 9 days in a row…real posts not fluff. Then I drop like off the face of the earth. What is up with that.?

We have been very ‘scout’ busy lately..we had pack meeting and the boys got to throw a pie at the pack master for every $500.00 of popcorn they sold.  It was a blast. One kid threw 6 pies! That is a helluva lot of popcorn. It was fun the kids really enjoyed it. The boys also earned rock climbing and pizza party for selling over $700.00.  That group was about 12 kids but again they had a blast…surprisingly only 4 of the 12 made it to the top of one of the 10 walls. Spencer has been climbing a lot with Richard at this same place. He was not as excited as the other boys.  Of course Richard scampered up the walls like spiderman. The man has some strong calf muscles no pictures for sharing…sorry. Maybe next time he climbs. Some might wonder how he is doing with his back.  He is mostly healed. It twinges now and then but he off all medicine for it and seems to be mostly mended. Thanks for asking and caring.

We also have had some bitter cold weather here again.  That means more indoor time and more mom and dad entertaining children time. So yeah…I guess I could be called a streaker poster. I will try to do better.

PS making a little headway on the photos on the external hard drive. Actually took over 100 photos off the camera tonight!!