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    January 2009
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waking up in tears…

no, not me…though that has happened…and more then once and yes in adulthood. But that is another story. Griffin, who is always so chipper and happy, comes into the bedroom in the middle of the night ready to talk like it is high noon, came in this morning at the normal time 7 am… crying…he had a bad dream.  The tears were flowing. He did not really start bawling till he saw me and then whoosh the river of tears. I had my suspicions as to what was really up.

You see, yesterday after waking at the usual time in the usual happy manner he was not hungry…wanted nothing to eat for breakfast. NOTHING. For my boys to not want to eat anything, especially breakfast, is a rarity…they can be found at anytime of the day asking for something; a banana or apple, of a bowl of blueberries or strawberries, fruit snacks, most anything. But to say NO to BREAKFAST…unheard of.  I took him to school with a blueberry yogurt just in case.  He did not eat it while there and had a great day. For lunch he ate 3 cherry tomato’s and 1/4 of a PB and J that is it. For dinner he had three very tiny pieces of steak and one slight slice of a potato and a spoonful of corn.  Not enough to keep a mouse alive. Off to bed he went content.

This morning it showed…he was miserable…terribly hungry. He ate 3 huge bowls of honey bunches of oats for breakfast eating more then Richard or Spencer. He then had a fruit snack and later a chocolate chip cookie.  He seems very content.  He will no doubt eat a bigger lunch and then hardly anything for dinner per his usual.  At some point he will have an apple and or other fruit as a snack.

He no doubt had a nightmare and it undoubtedly scared him but I bet it was all about not having anything thing to eat!! He knows that there is plenty of food for him anytime he wants…WITHIN REASON!!