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this is not his year…

So we are 29 days into the year 2009. In that time, my beloved husband has managed to fall and damn near break most of his upper body.  I mean like every muscle and every ligament but thankfully no bones. His recovery is going well but…he hurts tremendously when he coughs and sneezes..did I mention he has allergies YEAR LONG.? Yeah, so that is not to pleasant. To watch the man cough and then writhe in pain is hard after about the first day of it. This is many days later…still happening.

This afternoon about 1 he calls me and asks me if I could cook up some rice for him he has been in the bathroom a lot today and thinks that might help.  Of couse dear what ever you need…and home he comes. He eats about 2 table spoons of the rice and hits the bathroom.  He then says “I am going up stairs to lay down”. Cool…keep the boy quiet…I can do that. Griff and I head to his room to listen and read books on tape and CD…at 3 we need to leave to go get Spencer and take him to trumpet lessons. I head to my room to tell the man we are going, I hear running water…no wait…that is retching… full body heaving and tossing. I walk out after I assure he is OK.

After lessons, I go back up to the room armed in a mask and carrying a sprite. The man is laying propped up and is ghost white. He says he is feeling the same but no more bodily deposits in the bathroom…whew.  I head down to get the boys dinner and clean up a bit. After we eat I head back up to find him shivering and asking for more blankets…the set of long underwear and regular underwear and t-shirt and sweat pants and shirt and 4 heavy blankets he has on as well as the wool quilt wrapped around his upper body seems to not be keeping him warm.  GO figure…I get him three more heavy blankets and turn on CNN so that he stays a wake and is not up roaming the house at 3 because he can not sleep.

I should have known that something was up besides work related issues last night.  He said he felt gurgle-e last night and I chalked it up to work turmoil.  He did get up and have breakfast and go to work like usual with no complaints in the sick feeling department. But my own gut should have told me that he was coming down with something.  It is hard to know with him though.  he has thrown up exactly four time in his life and can tell you where when and why for each time. Once before he met me and three times since. That is not bad for knowing each other more then half of our lives. I can not tell you ho many times I have arfed but it is a hell of a lot more then four.  Thank.you.very.much.

As soon as I am done on the internet I am headed to that bathroom with bleach and rubber gloves and a mask and killing the germies.  I will be damned if I get sick and can not go for my first all day scrap book session in over a year, on Sunday. If he is still sick I am shipping one child to his Aunts house and the other to a friends. Let the man barf and such in utter aloneness (i Know not a word soooo what)…I will be at the super bowl of scrapping on Sunday if it kills me.

So who agrees with me that the man has had the worse beginning to a year that one can possibly have..say a prayer…we need them.

EDITED TO ADD: Spencer is barfing too…my night is almost complete…come on Griffin