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we survived..

I know it sounds like we just went through a major catastrophe… for us this was one though.  Imagine if you will,  a family of four where the first round of illness knocks out the dad and the older son and round two takes the mom out leaving… the 4 year old in charge….. Of course all he wants to do is play ATV’s and monster trucks and build a city and make garages and paint…and well you see where this is going. He doesn’t do laundry or clean up bathrooms or bring ice water and ice to the ill.  He whines about not having anyone to play with. I tried to get him to go to a friends on Friday night but it was not to happen.  I knew he was fine and going to be fine…he got the flu shot.  It is recommended for all of us because of my medications depleting my immune system as well because of  Griffin’s asthma. But this year he was the only one who got it.  LUCKY DAWG!

We did manage to get a few things done though.  I think we managed well. After Spencer and Richard were down all day Friday and part of Thursday by Saturday, mid morning they were felling better. Not great, but defiantly not sick any more just a little wore out. Saturday, Griffin had a birthday party to go to so all the testosterone left the house and took him to the party. It was OK for Richard he got to sit and read the paper and do more relaxing. Griffin and Spencer participated though Spencer much less so. I stayed home and groaned in bed from Friday night till Sunday morning. I was determined to scrapbook and I till ya, Saturday night I was about in tears because I wanted to go so bad and it just was not looking very good. Saturday night there was a CYT play we had tickets for at the community college. Schoolhouse Rock. (your old, you remember it don’t lie)  I REALLY wanted to go and was feeling rocky…better not…scrap booking is my goal.   Off my family went, they loved it, I missed it. There will be others.

On Sunday morning I was feeling OKAY…not great but OK.  I got up and had a little to eat and then waited and waited nothing happened.  It had been over 24 hours since anything had happened…I was going to try to make it to scrap.  I was going to be about 2 1/2 hours late but some was better then none. I packed up and went.  By the end of the day I was better then OK but not great and that was OK because in my flu induced stupior I got 12 pages completed.

SO OK OK OK it was not catastrophic…but it was bad those few hours that Griffin was the head of the house hold.  Don’t believe me…let him come and run your family for 5 or 6 hours and you will see why it really was a little catastrophic here…and you will know what I mean by WE SURVIVED.

Photos to follow…no not of the sickness of the pages I did silly…


2 Responses

  1. sometimes with a family, surviving is, in itself, successful!

    so glad you are on the mend.

  2. I’m glad you survived the FLU BUG OF JAN 2009. It sounds like February is already treating you much better! Take care and get lot’s of vit C in ya. As they say in the Jungle Book movie, “Let’s not do that again!”

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