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I am ADD..and I know it…and I am OK with it.

I can not believe how truly ADD I really am!!!  SERIOUSLY…

random from my life…

when I am on the internet I do not spend more time at one place then 10-15 minutes TOPS and that is stretching..then I am off to another web page or the like.I bounce around a LOT.

when I am talking on the phone I can have three or four conversations going about three or four different things. It drives the other person insane. No it is not called multi-tasking. But thanks.

when I am talking to someone in person I can drift in and out of many thoughts and again, drives them insane. I can be mid sentence and totally change the topic the nice thing is I usually do redirect back to the original conversation. It is not unusual for me to do this often and usually in every conversation.

I have a hard time concentrating on a page for my scrapbook and will often work on more then one page at a time, occasionally screwing things up and having to rearrange them.

church is the worst for me and I think that is why I don’t like to go…I really want to hear what is being said and learn and grow but I can not keep my mind on the words.  I can remember when I was younger I would count the number of panes in the windows and the number of bricks in the wall or the number of time the word the was said or other random mind chatter like that anything to not have to concentrate on the words. I also remember fighting to stay awake because I just could not listen to the word any more.

vacations have to be busy.  no sitting on my duff on the beach.  Active looking at history and taking in as much as I can. Even when all we would do for vacation would be to go to the same place the same time of each and every year and do nothing but sit and watch the sand blow I would find some trouble to get into. I could never GOD FORBID just lay in the sun and get tan…UGH

So I am digging deeper inside to try to understand my son a bit more and remember how I felt at his age and how being ADD made me feel…cuz…I think he is ADD and I am gonna make it work in his favor. DAMN IT

2 Responses

  1. dang – two posts i missed – you are on a roll girl!

    1. i am so glad you are feeling better.
    2. is it griff you think is ADD?
    3. ahh the grocery game…. i need to get on that. i do. i will. sigh.
    4. i had a headache all week last week. ALL WEEK. i am now trying to recover from that debacle.
    5. ross is now home sick. ’tis the season.
    6. you always seem pretty focused with me when we are on the phone.
    7. are you sure it’s not just old woman stuff that you are describing?
    8. my perfect vacation is sitting in the sand doing nothing!!!

  2. quite the contrary vote…it is Griffin who can focus and stick to something forever…it is Spence. He is all over he place he is very intelligent and very capable of more…but focus..we are trying new things to overcome it.

    Sorry you were out…I know the feeling of trying to get to normal again.

    With you on the phone..I try very hard I know your ABHOR the phone. But it is the only way I get to ‘hear’ you….

    Yes, I am sure old woman stuff is it also…thanks for the reminder…older then I, friend. hehehe

    thanks for the comment…talk soon hope Ross doesn’t get it too bad.

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