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mostly Griffin…

I have to say that not shopping on Sunday or Monday is really very odd for me now…for the past six months plus, I have shopped most every single Sunday. Since we took on the flu this weekend I was not able to go, well, that is not completely true, I guess, I could have fore gone scrap booking but that is just blasphemous.  Today Griff and I headed out to get it done.  I ended up spending about $130. Considering that my before total was $298. I am pretty pleased. I even got expensive things like shrimp and sun chips and organic fresh fruit and veggies and Breyer’s Ice cream (that was on sale for $2.88 a gallon). Griff was very happy with that purchase. This made it possible for me to add a little extra to a check I am sending to a friend’s daughter who is going on a trip with a mission group from her college. I was hoping to be able to do more but every little bit will help her and that is all that matters.

Griff asked to stop for Wendy’ for lunch.  That was OK by me…. for him.  I am not up to eating that kind of food yet. He chowed down 8 chicken nuggets and a fry and a chocolate milk.  He has been on an eating binge lately. I will feed him until he asks to stop.He is a skinny mini and when he is on… he is on….

When we came home I was busy getting a pot roast in the oven and putting the groceries away and I hear music…not unusual. Griff got a CD/Tape/radio for Christmas. He knows how to use all the functions. He comes to the top of the stairs and syas mom mom I got the CD to play….I knew he liked it but I did not know he knew where it was.  God forbid Spence hears him with it….he got it for Christmas.  He is up there jammin to We will rock you…next thing I know he will be dancin the YMCA and Macarena…better to learn now before the next wedding we attend. (??? everyone we know is married….now we have friends that have children getting married UGH!!)

Griff has been very demanding of my time lately. He has always been a self entertainer…ya know??…now it is mommy come play this and that and get down here and let’s do this and make that and mom.mom.mom.MOM!!! So how much time of the day do you spend entertaining the troops? I would like to spend less and feel bad for it. So do tell would you how much time are you totaly hands on all attention devoted to time with your kid(s)?? When Spencer gets home from school it is home work time and trumpet practice time and snack time and finish off dinner time…the night is a blur from 4PM on… a typical day, pre 4PM  we spend time cutting and drawing and coloring and playing trucks, I could go on and on but you get the idea.  I try to get a load of laundry going and I can always get him involved in baking and sometimes cleaning…but that is not fair either.  I loved the days when he would sit for a half hour looking at books or playing by himself. He is not a tv kid either.  He will watch maybe 2 or 3 shows a DAY. Not that-that is a bad thing because it is not but really you think once in awhile he would watch 4 shows. He rarely watches anything thing back to back. He will watch one or two movies and that is it he is not big in to those either. Again, not a bad thing. So, can a girl get some ideas to help him help himself.


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  1. No suggestions here. Robbie wants attention all the time too. He can get total into a movie (he will watch it, memorize it, and then roll play the characters.) I hope someone give you some good suggestions I can use too!

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