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a long talk, a lot of searching and another discovery…

Thanks you ‘burnbeforereading’ (BBR), for the talk this morning.  You brought a lot of things into better perspective from your families POV.  I appreciate that.

After BBR and I hung up I did a little bit more reading at N’s facebook page. I found out that he has three sisters and a brother and he appears to have partial custody of a daughter or at least visitation. (she would be younger then Spencer I am assuming because I think Spencer was his first and yes that means half blood sibling doesn’t it). He is married less then a year and his dad had a recent cancer scare. N is a smoker and has attempted to quit. There is more but I think this proves my point.  For those of you who don’t think you can get much off a facebook page…think again…I got all this in about 20 minutes of reading back posts. I also did a white pages search and found his home address and his parents address. I could show up on his door tomorrow if I wished.


Maybe, but ask yourself this??? could you have your very own cyber stalker and not even know it??  Cause I am certian that N has no idea that I have all this information on him already.  I am POSITIVE. There is no way that he could know. But being naive I did not know I could find this much info out about someone in such a short amount of time and with so much ease so maybe he could know…

I think the next step is to contact The Cradle. To talk with a social worker about the best way to handle contact. With the further information I have received from BBR I think it is a wise decision. Things we are considering right now, contact with N through The Cradle with first names and photos. That gives him a chance to see us and Spencer and learn a very little bit about our family and to take it all in.  He can decide to do nothing with it or not. A bridge I do not need to cross for now. So I will be contacting our social worker at that we used with Griffin’s adoption.  She can guide us or send us to the right person.  I did not get on well with the social worker that we had with Spencer’s adoption so I am assuming that I do not have to work with her (even if she heads the domestic adoption program now)!!

and so it goes…


4 Responses

  1. JSNTF!
    (just say no to facebook!)


  2. you are so bad…I talk about you all the time with the others there..like Emma and Rainy and Mike and hordes of others…

  3. I thought you had to accept someone as a friend and vice versa to view their facebook page. How were you able to view his without him knowing?

  4. He must have his privacy settings set to let those in his network see his information too…I know I have all my information blocked from only those I friend but he does not and we are in the same network being in near the same city…

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