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How about a non-drama post…the lowdown

I thought it would be nice to post about non drama related things…maybe a potluck…

After three BEEEE U T I F U L days here today is raining and colder. Yesterday the temp in my car read 62*F.  That is way nice…there was wind but it was warm also nice.  I am ok with the weather going back though…I knew it would not last but it really make one more hopeful for spring.  Soon the tulips and crocus’ will be pushing through the ground. There is nothing more beautiful, in plant nature, to me then, a purple crocus pushing through the soft fallen snow.  I just love to see that and hunt it out each and every spring. Soon enough it will be here.

Boys are doing great.  Spence is loving his trumpet…he is playing scales and is doing so with some good tone and quality. He is doing really well in school.  One of the highest readers in his class and top speller. His math has moved along really nicely this year and he is working in an above average place finally. That makes him feel good because he likes math and experimentation and such.  He has been given a wiggle cushion to sit on.  He has a little bit of Sensory issues going on and low muscle tone all which we knew….it just took a while to get an OT who understood that mom knew what she was talking about. It keeps him sitting up in his seat and gives him sensory feedback to help him focus more.  There will be other things coming but they are easier to work with.  This was a big thing because it can be ‘seen’ by others. He is doing well with it and the other kids in his class all want one and have all tried it out.  His teacher said that there are a few others who could benefit from it too… Spence is not doing any sports right now.  I think he is happy focusing on his trumpet and scouts.  Scouts is a good thing for him and something he really enjoys.  The activity level is good and he has lots of opportunity to do the things he loves doing, camping, hiking, learning outdoor-sy things like Bear Grylls. bear_grylls_mordor1

Spencer loves Man vs Wild and Survivorman.  We have about 45 of these shows on the DVR to be able to catch one when ever the mood hits. Though Man vs. Wild (MVW) is his total favorite and the one we have the most of and watch the most.  He will eat his food with his hands and tear his food apart and use MVW terms to describe what he is eating.  It can be quite hysterical especially when he tries his hand at the British accent of Bear. He is a terribly loving brother and a good one at that.  He will play with Griffin when they are outside even if his pals are out.  He will push him on the swing and ride bikes with him.  I am so proud of how much growing up he is doing lately especially.

The Griff-man.  He is precious as always. Loving school three half days a week and going five half days a week next year and then Kindergarten!! Hard for a mom to believe that in just over a year he will be in Kindergarten. ACK!! He loves school.  He writes his name and draws incredibly well. His shapes are spot on and he is particular.  Not obsessive but particular.  We are trying to stop from getting obsessive. He likes things a certain way and is not happy, but can adjust, when they are not that way. He las a set of lungs and we are currently working on not yelling for every little thing that is wrong. He also loves his brother with a fierce love.  That can be problematic but we work on it.  He gets so upset for Spencer if he does not listen to us.  He can not wait for Spence to come home every day and talks about what they will do once he is home.  He likes to have sleep overs in Spence’s room on the weekends and can not wait for the weekends that we are slow so he and Spencer can ‘just play’. He loves to listen to him play his trumpet and watches him and I practice. He rides his bike with training wheels and wants them off IMMEDIATELY.  This spring he will be riding without. He has a great sense of balance for a child that did not hear for nearly the first two years of his little life.   He LOVES monsters trucks and will keep himself occupied playing with them.  He is learning that mommy can not play with him 24/7 that she has things to do.  (Like keep this blog up to date!!!) He has a few favorite shows.  Meteor and the Bigfoot monster truck show, Curious George and sometimes Caillou. He is not a big TV watcher and does not do too many movies.

Richard and I….are…..we love being parents and we love being best friends. We are proud of who we are and have become and the family/family life we have created. We strive to make ourselves better parents and better for each other. Richard and my brother hit hard times in the business and are working together to bring things to a better place.  Both are making hard decisions and putting family first.  They are both gaining and loosing and those things are different for each of them.  In the end, I PRAY that it is the best for everyone involved. I am really trying hard to scrapbook again.  I want to get to a place that I am comfortable with so that I don’t feel like I am letting myself down when I don’t have time to do it. I am really happy being the mom that shuffles the kids here and there and to play dates and lessons. It is what I thought I would be doing all along…just not at 46 but maybe 36. I think about what my boys have and where they would be right now if I did have them at 36. a 17 year old and a 14 year old.  Man,… one going to college and one in high school..they would have much younger cousins T and D’s kids are 9,6 and nearly 4. D and H’s are 7 and nearly 4. It would be weird.  TOTALLY different place..I like where I am.

So there you have it…a low down so to speak.

Hey, how about a picture??? Let’s see what I can find….

visit-with-santa-w-deckers-8Spence with long air…what is with that part!!!

Griffin with Santa…I know…it is older…so what..it is a picture…


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  1. awww i LOVED this update. i like hearing your heart. and your boys are WONDERFUL.
    is griff still set up with that hannah-girl? ;o)

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