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Because I can…

I will post today …I am on a roll again…we have a few minutes before a play date and trumpet lessons and a sleep over for Spencer.  We had a cool day today and very windy but not bitter cold…that is a good thing.  We are the only yard in the cul-de-sac that has snow in it still. We are also the only ones that face straight North . The others face slightly East or west giving their yards mostly complete sunlight.  We have parts of our yard that never get direct sunlight all year long.

I have been trying out some new recipes out this week.  Rachael Ray, of course, because I know I can trust what I see in her recipes.  So I did a Lasagna Stoup and a Sausage Zucchini Rice.  Both were good and keepers. I do tend to add more veggies then she does and usually spices…the lasagna, I felt, lacked Italian spices so I added, I also added a 1/2 c of ricotta cheese and a 1/2 c of cottage cheese. The both got more fresh veggies added…later this week I am going to try an porkchop with apple cole slaw and french bread spinach artichoke pizza. I will let you know what I think.  Oh! they are out of her magazine…I got a subscription for 2 years for 5 bucks. That is a steal of a deal.

This weekend holds to be quiet…did I say that…quiet…originally Richard was to be at a Land Surveyor’s conference in Springfield Illinois.  He was to be gone Wednesday to Saturday.  The plan is usually to either go with him or meet him down there. (it’s a yearly conference) With the changes that are coming for him at his office he just could not get there this year.  Too much to think about and get ready and organize. So we did not go either obviously. It is usually fun.  The boys can swim and we can usually play at jungle-o-fun and sight see…(it’s Illinois capitol).  This year is also the 200th birthday od Linclon and there are a ton of things going on there for the kids. President Obama was even going to be there and staying in the same hotel as the conference. Oh well, missed opportunity. All that aside now, we are going to spend tomorrow gathering a gift for Richard for his birthday on Sunday and getting his cake ready…Tangerine Bundt cake.. it has every single thing in it that Richard loves.  Usually he wants pineapple uoside down cake.  I am going all out this year and he is getting this one. He will be in heaven. The boys want to make breakfast in bed for him…OK!, I love the man but really…OK. SO we will have potato pancakes/applesauce and eggs and bacon and english muffins and we will deliver it to him in the bed.  I have been talking to making my potato pancakes from scratch and it is not that difficult.That is our Sunday!

The boys are chomping at the bit for us to put up the playground that they got in the middle of the winter…crazy but I got a super price.  It is the one we wanted to get them but at Sam’s it was super expensive. I got it delivered from the manufacturer for about 800 bucks less.swingset

They think now that the weather is taking a break that they can have it put up. Never mind that it will take about 3 weekends at least and that the weather is not stable for that kind of work YET. They also have been asking about every other day for a dog. I admit to have looked at a few online.  That is all I am admitting to for now.

OK times is up…gotta go!


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  1. richard’s bday is sunday?? so is mine! did i know this? i might have. i forget. i seriously know SO many people with that birthday. my friend anna, my high school classmate dorothy, ross’ friend josh, and now richard. crazy!

    please tell him happy bday from me!

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