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We are still waiting to talk to the SW about the finding of N. I was supposed to talk to her on Wednesday but she had to do a home visit and it went much longer then she thought it would.  I want to talk with her when the boys are not around so that I do not have to talk in code. That means my next available moment will be Wednesday morning. That is a while away and leave me ample time to think way more about this then I should be. Wait till Wednesday afternoon for a check in from me on that.

Which leads me to LOST


I thank my friend, votemom, for sending me the first season,  so that we could become addicted to the show like everyone else in America. We are about half way through the first season and are enjoying it a lot.  We try to do two episodes after the boys go to bed each night.  I lost (no pun intended) Richard ten minutes into the second episode (episode 10) last night.  He is very busy and by 9:45 he is cashed and we still have about 30 minutes left. Missing the show last night will be OK I can catch him up but he is not allowed to miss again. I like watching programs this way…it is nice with no commercials and you can watch as much as you want or can is a single sitting.  I wanted to buy season three and four since vote already got season one and two but apparently…she already got three and four…UGH. I hope she got them cheap I found them for $30 bucks each. Sometimes I get mad at her…not really. So if your looking for us after 8PM we are sitting in front of the tube watching old LOST episodes…


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  1. That’s how we got addicted to Lost too! Enjoy.

  2. i did get them for cheap! i got season 4 on ebay.

    tell you what, when we are all done with the entire series, you can buy them all from us ;o)

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