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do we really HAVE to talk about pets???

My boys can not ask me enough times in a day if we can get a dog.  They know cats are out because of dad’s allergies and Griffins asthma. But seriously…every.single.day for the last WEEKS…I don’t even know how long. I have researched A LITTLE…not too much…we are not in a place to get a dog this moment. I have been looking for dogs that shed very little. There are a few breeds out there that will fit the bill.

THE BILL: medium dog..like under 40 pounds, sheds very little, good with kids, low excitability.

I have seen petite goldendoodles that are cute and fit; …the bill…but I am not stopping there and will look into a few other breeds.  This decision is not likely to be made any time soon but a mom must be prepared. As I was reading up on, the goldendoodles, I saw that this is one of the breeds that the Obama girls are liking too.  I thought that funny for some reason…not sure why?? So what do you all think…dog no dog…why..when…


3 Responses

  1. I say…get a dog…they are boys & need one. WAIT until May (taking a dog out in snow or freezing rain SUCKS). Go to a shelter first (NOT Save a Pet…seriously…they are no kill which is great but a majority of their dogs are NOT adoptable). Look on Petfinder or go to a breeder.

    ALL dogs shed (unless they are hairless). The ones with curly coats shed less. Don’t count on a labradoodle to not shed…they ARE 1/2 lab. Our current dog is a lab/sheltie mix. She is about 30 pounds, medium sized, great dog…but sheds a ton. We got her over spring break last year from petfinder.

    If you get an older dog (1+ years) there is less cost to own….they are generally fixed, shots once a year (under $100), food (if you get premium food they eat & poop less) & then heartworm meds year round.

    Oh and get a girl…fewer behavior issues. If you were getting a cat i’d say boy.

  2. bottom line: YOU will be taking care of the dog. so, do YOU want a dog?

  3. I recommend a Boston terrier. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Boston. She’s a rescue–we got her at ~age 1 from the BT breeder that rescued her. She’s sweet, playful, and energetic–even now at almost 9 y.o.

    She does need exercise. About 2 good play sessions a day and a long walk in the park twice a week seem to do the trick. With the mush face, she’s not up for anything requiring endurance. Also, not an outdoor dog–more of a house dog, though she does like to go outside to play for a bit. A people dog who will mainly want to be with you. Her favorite activity (aside from playing and going to the park) is to lie on the couch with us when we watch TV.

    She’s incredibly tolerant of the kids (even when L used to poke her–don’t ask–she never did more than give a warning or go upstairs which is our kid free zone). She’s also somewhat protective of them when visitors come. I firmly believe she thinks they’re her puppies and she needs to take care of them.

    She does shed a bit, but the hair is short and maintenance is easy–a quick brushing once or twice a week does the trick.

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