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my own personal blog-a-thon…I guess..

As promised more about the writing and spelling fiend…Griffin.

He has been into writing and drawing A LOT…this is a new thing for me as Spence never drew or did much writing.  Griffin loves to look at simple words and sound them out.  (This Spencer was doing but about 6 months earlier some where around 3 and a half close to four. In fact the first word that he actually read was lonestar…and we have never gone there…it was funny. )  Just goes to show how different kids are from each other even when raised in the same exact environment. Griffin, like Spencer, loves the Magic Tree House books and Richard reads them to him every night. Part of having them read to you is that you have to try to sound out the words to the titles.  So he has a good handle on the easy words like to, and, now, the…you get what I mean.  He has transferred this to the everyday words he sees around his life.  He usually spends about 10-15 minutes, a number times a day, drawing at his easel.  It is dry erase and chalk. Lately, he has been writing words like cat, hat, mat, lip, man, can, etc.. by just standing there and saying them and writing the letters he thinks are right…thing is…every one is right…GENIUS I TELL YOU…well, no but a mom can dream. He has been writing and spelling his name about 4 months now and it has bloomed into this. He is drawing houses and cities and all sorts of things. I guess what they say is true if you provide the learning tools they will gravitate to them and pick it up…cuz I certainly do not drill him or make him sit and learn with me. He is excited to learn to write our last name and is having a hard time with the ‘a’…I am just so proud of him and so happy for him to be excited to learn. The next spelling test he gives himself on the board I will take a picture and show you my smart 4 year olds work….it is very legible too!! A mom can be proud and brag now and then. All this from the little boy who could not hear for the first nearly two years of his small life.

In other news, the birthday went off without a hitch and a good day was had by all.  Griffin managed to take a 2 hour nap since he was awake at 4:blessed 15 AM. That was odd for us…it has been a while. The cake was delicious and the conversation…enlightening. I have a friend whose mom is in her late 80’s and struggling with dementia.  A little bit of denial going on with the rest of the family. It is hard to watch.  She just got her drivers license taken…it is hard for her and for the family. We also talked about some BIG MEAT that her in-laws brought over for dinner on Saturday…the whole “big meat” conversation went south fast. If you know me at all, then you know that was to be expected.

Finally, I am glad to have had so much time with my boys together over these past days but can I just say....

YA -freakin’- HOO they go back to school tomorrow.  I need the regimen of my life back.

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