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yeah…thats right, missed a day…

I did I missed a day of writing here…in my defense…

Griffin and I had a busy mommy son morning, lunch with daddy (Chipotle with a gift card we got as a birthday gift…yum!), then we got home and as we were leaving to get Spence at school his teacher calls and says that he is sound asleep at his desk???WHAT THE??? she wakes him and tells him we are on our way and he can get ready.  He looks beat…we do a quick run to get hair cuts…he sleeps on the way there and while waiting for his brother to get his hair cut and then on the way home! He comes in takes a hot bath for about 20 minutes and goes to his bed and sleeps for 16 hours. He slept through the scouts being here last night working on their pinewood derby cars and playing…he just slept and slept and slept… that little Rip VanWinkle.  He gets up this morning and eats two bowls of cereal and watches about 1/2 of a man vs. wild..and is asleep again.  I took his temp and it is 103.5 gave him motrin…hoping it helps because the tylenol has not been working…The symptoms: extreme tiredness, achy arms and legs, a headache and now, this temperature. Needless to say, we have an appointment with the Doctor this afternoon.

As I am getting Griffin ready for a friend to take him to school he says to me…”mom, my right ear is quiet” that means that his hearing is blocked…so he will be getting an ear check today too. It is not sore and he does not have a fever and he is acting fine…he is at school.

Richard says he is getting the cold…too bad, tough it out.

I am good…go figure.

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