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It was my day to go to Spencer’s class and help out with math work.  I like to help out but sometimes this new way of teaching things is hard to grasp…but I did get the hang of it.  I am used to teaching LD kids and doing things in the simplest way to teach them what they need to do to get through the work.  No fancy “try it this way and “look see you can get the same answer if you try this…but I do enjoy it. When I got there Spence was in another room taking tests he missed while he was out sick. He came back while I was still there and was happy to see me but looked terribly tired. He said he was fine.  At 4PM I went to the bus stop to get him…he looked worse then earlier…as soon as he started to talk I could tell his throat was hurting…he told me his neck hurt inside. I told him he would be staying home tomorrow and we would go to the Doctor I am sure he has strep…at least that is what I hope because the alternative is mono…with this level of tiredness it is a slight concern. Having had mono I know it sucks royally. So I am praying really hard for strep.

I know some are thinking well he wasn’t faining the illness as in the boy who cried wolf post…well he was better in those days and has been since…I think it has been brewing…he test for strep came back negative last week…I bet it is positive tomorrow…

more then.

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