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The more things change….

The apology first…it has been a long time…I am sorry…there how was that?

Back track a little….Richard’s dad is fine for the time being. It is many more down days then up. We have not heard from anyone ‘in the know’ for a few days…we can only assume that he is …OK…I guess.

Spencer made his return from strep land without missing a step.  He went back to school and got caught up on his work and is all back in line.  I think catching up on the trumpet is harder then anything.  But we push on.

Griffin is as always Griffin..he has been well and groovin’ right along.  He did get a tad bit of a sunburn on Sunday (I know it is March but remember his delicate Russian born skin!) but he is fine.  Note to self start with the sun block in March next year.

Now, the more things change….

There have been some things going on that have no bearing on this blog but they have taken a large bit of my energy and thought and thus I have not been here.  After much contemplation and conversation my brother, Todd, who was part owner in R.E.Decker Land Surveyors has decided to be bought out. He approached Richard with the idea and they have been working on a final contract for Richard to buy him out. That has happened and as of Friday Todd and Richard have ceased being business partners. Richard is sloe owner of R.E.Decker and Todd is moving his family to Utah. He has been offered a job working for the United States Air Force as their first Surveyor. He will be overseeing projects is my understanding. I have not talked to him about it so I do not know exactly what he is doing.

This hits on many levels. My brother, with whom I am admittedly not super close to is moving a days drive away.  We have never really been more then a few hours from each other (except the two years he was at Florida Sate 20 years ago) I have been used to seeing him nearly every time I stopped in the office. That will not be happening. Then there are my nephews and niece. Now, I have to say that it is a long time since we have seen them and the reasons vary but now being a day away makes it seem…sadder. I have not got a super huge connection to my SIL anymore (though that has made me sad on other occasions as well) I will miss her too. The thought that I won’t get invited to come and see them and take interest in their new beginnings is heart breaking for me and I hope things change before they leave. They are on an exciting adventure that in ways I am jealous of.

For our own anguish here on the home front…we see a lot less of Richard these days.  The company that employed over 10 people a year ago now has THREE. Richard will be working harder and longer days to get the work done and out, being the only Registered Surveyor in the office now. The entire responsibility rests on him as sole owner. That impacts his time home, his time for himself and his health. Big changes. This damn economy calls for big changes..taking people from you and making people less available to you. Then there is the empty bank accounts and retirement funds. But investments in our home and our business…better then the stock market we hope. Improved home sales improves business..but we did sign on for this…we opted to buy Todd out…no complaints from us. We hope it only gets better from here on out.

The boys have been told that dad will be around a lot less this summer…there will be no baseball, for dad can not be there to help coach and Spencer really needs some guidance in that place. The fall will being floor hockey back and he is good with that to look forward to. Griffin still has his Tuesday nights with Richard and Spencer gets all the scout stuff with him.  It will be good. If I want time with Richard I will have to beg for it but I think I can go for a summer break…after all I did have him all to myself for over 15 years. I will be ‘working’ more for Richard answering phones from home..anything to help. I am doing what I can saving big money on groceries and more and more I don’t even have to grocery shop.  That is a good money saver. Doing my best to try to not complain too much.

So those are the heavy things that have been weighting on my mind…a lot longer then this past three weeks. Words have been said; hateful, angry words. Things have been done to hurt…things that will all take time to overcome. They can and will be overcome.  Time…Time will help…

I will miss my brother…and I love that he did address a book to Spencer as his Godfather…

but I will miss him.


2 Responses

  1. WOW.
    that is a LOT going on.
    change can be good, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult.

    i’m praying for you and your family right now. thank you for sharing what’s going on. i hope you’ll keep posting.


  2. Sorry you guys are going through so much…I am glad you are sharing your feelings and I am also glad at least everyone is generally “healthy”..:0)
    Hang in there..things will get better!

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