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D O G, part two

So the big day is coming…Saturday we make the 6 hour trek to Iowa, Des Monies to be exact, to meet and bring home our newest ‘family member’…Now, I know you all are thinking…why Des Monies?? Well, Originally we wanted a 2-3 year old SC Wheaten rescue. There are none close to us…mostly Houston, California, Colorado, South Carolina…all not a weekend doable trip. (I was not going to get a rescue dog without meeting it.) SO then I started looking at local breeders..being extra careful to avoid puppy mills. All the puppies I found locally were about double in cost, what this one will be. Even with travel and an overnight in Des Monies this is much less expensive.

We have batted around a million and one names. I am sure that everyone knows we had a Dalmatian named Ranger..he was AKC also and was properly named Breams Painted Prince. He sired a litter before we even got him at nearly 2. We did not get to name him…and we loved that name Ranger. So imagine if you will a mom and dad and two boys all who want a different name for a dog. I have taken to making a list…some of the names that have been loved more then others; Murphy, Dempsey, Darby, Sabrina, Bailey, Phinley, Ranger, Yukon and Mollie (our cousins dogs names), Keegan and Keely. I *think* it will be Phinley. Phin or Phinny for short…don’t ask about the spelling..Spencer’s choice. Kind of works out because Katie ( a friend who adopted from Russia has a DD named Finley…I would hate for her to feel like, well,…)

Speaking of Spencer…those two boys can.not.be more excited. Day and night night and day talking about the dog…when we are leaving how long it will take, who will she sleep with…on and on..it is so sweet and so fun to listen to.

SO here is a picture to tide you over…Millie's Girl #2 6.08.09 7wks 004


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  1. Now there’s a cute face! How ’bout Bandit?

  2. i’m so excited for you….. imagine you are getting close to your destination or maybe already arrived…

    hope you are taking lots of pix and video!

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