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Home SWEET home

We had a long boring trip to Des Moines.  No sugar coating here..Spencer does fine with the rides because he busies himself…movies, DS, reading, drawing.  Griffins favorite thing to do…ride bike and razors. Not really car ride friendly. He survived.  We arived in Iowa shortly after 4 and they hit the pool running. Note to self. Have them put wim suits on in car while driving…

We had a yummy dinner and settled in for the night and by 9AM we were well on our way to the Ryan’s farm.  It was about 45 minutes from Des Moines. It was boring…until we were in the final stretch.  We told the boys as soon as we hit a gravel road we would be about 3 miles away. They ’bout lept out of their seats when we hit the gravel running. When we opened our doors at the farm  heard all the barking. They breed and raise: Soft Coated Wheated Terriers of which they had 11 puppies barking, Yorkies…Coton’s and beagles…lots of beagles. In fact, one just won the Grand Champion of the UKC.  We headed to the barns where the dogs are all kept.  We got to meet Millie but not Harry (whose full name is Harry MacGyver for those who know me well know why that is so cool…).  We headed into the house to meet our girl…she is a bruiser, though she is small for her age…statistically for a Wheaten.  When we walked out the door with her she was 5 lbs 10 oz.  Only 25 more pounds to grow. She is a beautiful girl.  GIRL…Finley, and yes that is the correct spelling..I think Dad talked Spence out of the PH spelling. Katie and her Finley…what an honor it is for us to share a name with such a beautiful and smart little girl.  It fits her perfectly.

The car ride was well,….boring…yeah you read that right. Finely slept about 4 of the 6 hours home. The boys took turns holding her and petting her while she slept. She did manage to stay awake enough to let them get some play time in with her.

As expected…the arrival home brought all the neighbors out to see her.  She was very good with every one and let everyone have a turn with her. It was funny to hear all the kids gathered around telling ‘dog stories’.  During dinner we had her in her kennel.  She was not happy and howled the entire time.  At bed time it took her about 40 minutes to calm down in her kennel again and go to sleep.

I have lots of pics…on the camera…so those will have to wait till another time…I have to get the boys at VBS!!!

2 Responses

  1. hooray for boring – boring is better than lots of glitches and issues and accidents and tears.

    welcome home finley – what fun you all will have! can’t wait to see your little men holding the new female in their lives!

  2. WHERE are the pix and update???

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