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an unusual occurrence…for sure…

a blog entry from me…..just a couple things floating around in my head lately…so in no specific order…

MICHAEL JACKSON…I was not a rabid fan…I was not a child of the 80’s…I like some of his songs…but not all of them.   I felt sorry for him on more then one occasion as I was old enough to remember his early years.  The years when he was becoming THE Michael Jackson. I wondered how he was being educated..who was mothering him on all those long road trips through strip clubs and casinos. His mom was not there was was at home with the girls..she was not a show mom.  That father…creepy and disturbing does not even tough what I feel when I see him.  The stories of what happened on the road tours…bluck.

The music was soooo good and he was a fantastic entertainer…so many worshiped the very ground he walked on…not me…I don’t have that affection for the industry. When I see the 30+ Michael I see saddness, years of abuse, neglect, over indulgence. The shell of a person who did not know how to be or how to act. Sad.

THIS WEATHER….is a dream come true for me. I struggled through the 100+ days and was so welcoming of the relief. I would love it to be sunny and cool and breezing but I am NOT one to complain. I know that the 100’s are not too far off but for now…I am thankful. I think I have the reverse of Seasonal Affect Disorder…have to come up with a name for it..

PUPPY FINLEY…I can not lie…it has been tough.  I am such an animal lover that leaving her was killing me…the boys were struggling with behaving when around her(and they still do) and that was hard on me too…I know it is not all about me but really this was a lot more then I imagined.  We plug on..I have not taken many pictures of her yet…I do have a bunch of cute ones from our ride home and I will take more this weekend.

FAMILY…we went to see my niece and nephews on Sunday.  They leave today for Utah. The big move.  I was really happy to see them before they left but I am sad that they will be so far away.  I am sad that the business came between the relationship I had with my brother and his family. I am sad that they are leaving.  I know it will be good for them.  This is the best place for my brother who always wanted to ‘serve’ his country but did not want to join the forces. He can work in a govt job as a civilian and still get some of the perks of being on an air force base. I am happiest for him.

BUSINESS….seems to have picked up here this past month.  Hoping that it continues on an upward trend and we can start rebuilding our retirement. That is a big priority for us since we are 46 and do not want to work until we are in our 60’s. Time to enjoy our family would be awesome. For now I am happy to have food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothing on our backs. As always we are forever gratful for our friends and family.

HOME FRONT…I am trying to get back into the 3 week lull of couponing…I have not had to grocery shop since we brought Finley home.  It has been nice. But I really do need to get back in the swing.   Richard is working long days.  He is gone early in the morning, long before we open our eyes and home by 6:30. He is usually beat and hits the bed nearly asleep most nights at 10. The boys….ACK they keep growing…Spencer is 58 inches and 76 lbs. and going into 3rd grade. He is really active in scouting and is in swim lessons right now. Griffin is 44 inches and tips the scales on the light side at about 38 lbs. The boys is all boy covered head to toe with scrapes and bruises.  He rides his bike and razor scooter non-stop most everyday and is also loving swim lessons right now. He will be going to 5 day preschool in the afternoons next year. Kind of a head start for the following year of half day kindergarten. Finley spends her days in the kitchen and front yard. She is training well in the crate and getting way way way too much love and attention…she is just eating it up.

So that is the deal for now……


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  1. thanks for the update. it made me smile.

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