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I know I am weird…but we did have a splendid time in Southbend Indiana. I love spending time with other mothers who have similar experiences as I do. I connect well with them. I think. Jenn and Sybil are such good people with good hearts a the right intentions…I enjoy my time with them A L O T…..I just wish we could do it more often. I will settle for once a year for now. Next year, if the economy cooperates, I would like to go somewhere like a hotel with a water park or try to schedule more then just one day together…but I will take what I can get.

This year Sybil brought two of Ross’ friends. They are great girls. They played with the kids and everyone had a good time…or so it appeared. I loved having the time to chat live and in person with Jenn and Sybil rather then texting or PMing or emailing or on the phone.  The little time we have to adore eachothers children is priceless. Kate and Anna are from “Griffin’s Russia’ as he calls it. Jenn is a first mom in reunion and an adoptive mom, her daughter Delaney was born in Indiana. They have a somewhat oepn relationship with Delany’s first mom. Jenns grown daughter Lindsey just graduated college and she is in Boston. Jenn was able to go to the graduation ceremony last month.

The kids all play really well together age doesn’t seem to matter and they don’t want the fun to ever end. Anna asked me to come to her house so I am taking that as an official invite and will be showing up at their door maybe next spring. I also asked Jenn to meet us to see the Harry Potter movie items on display at the Museum of Science and Industry next month and she better be there.

The Finster…she is such a good puppy…she is growing so fast…I will post pictures of her too later on down this post.

Griffin is patiently waiting for school to start again.  He has wanted back to school since about the beginning of July. He is bored…you know. Spencer is busy busy..day camp and overnight camps all with the scouts. He has had a ton of time to just play this summer and that is what he loves…I found out that his teacher next year is neighbors to one of Richard’s employees parents, (the dad was also a teacher of mine in High school.) The world seems to be getting smaller each day. Wait till Spencer finds all this out.

Business is doing okay.  It will get better but for now it is keeping 4 families a float and that is what it needs to do right now. I pray that as the days go by the economy continues to inprove and we see a need to hire someone else on. Time…it all takes time. Restructuring…and time.

I leave you with a few shots from the trip and the Fin..and more later..

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