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for starters…

Cookies like you will not believe… I have a great friend Kelly Kirby, who makes awesome cookies…she is in her own little business making them like gang busters…These are not hers but she could so do these…and prolly cuter.. but if your not local or don’t know Kelly I am sure each and everyone of you can make these…

This is going to be working somewhere in my home very soon…

So tonight I jump back in the saddle so to speak…I am going to try to put on that scrapbooking hat back on.  I am going to take it slow and easy…I am not going to push it and piss myself off…nope if I finish one page in 6 hours that will be fine…..ACK…let’s hope not.

Last night I went out to dinner with some lady friends of mine…we had a super great time…the food sucked but I was in it for the company anyway. Casa Bonita was not all that it is cracked up to be but they came through in the end and comped my meal and gave me dessert…which was blucky…fried cheesecake…hot cheesecake…not yummy…so I got to have fun and eat some not so good food.  Laurie and Michelle C were hysterical they had libations so they were giggly…I was the DD but did take a small sip of the margaritas they were devouring enjoying at a good pace. YUM. In fact here is a picture of the two of them…shortly before we went home…photo taken with the DROID… I was not impressed with the photo ability…but it is still a good enough picture…and I got to POKE Laurie’s Droid…

anyway…that is where it is at for now…someone has to clean this house…since the cleaning lady doesn’t come anymore…something about not cleaning for free..I don’t know…

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  1. Look at that! I have a hard drive crash & finally get all my info off of it & expected to come here & have pages to catch up on! Quick question…I’m contemplating a Droid…but i’m curious…do you find the touchscreen to be easy? do you do internet on yours? is it quick? anything you don’t like about it besides the picture quality (which i don’t think is so bad for being in a restaurant that i’m assuming was dark-ish)?

    Hope the tooth fairy paid Griffin well for the 1st lost tooth!

  2. Della…the droid is nice and new and expensive…my friend has one because her DH is a bigguy at Motorola..he got if for her for nothing. It is a cool phone…very cool…the restaurant was dark and they are drunk and I think that the camera has a cover on it still…the other pictures are nice too that she has taken. The screen is really easy to use…her son who is 5 can work a lot of the touch screen like finding games and taking pictures…HTH

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