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groundhogs and more…

Couple of interesting things about that dern punxsutawney phil and just to keep you in the know…he, of course, did see his shadow again today. If you know the last time he did not see his shadow please let me know because I think it is always 6 more weeks of winter…every year…stupid marmot.

Early this morning it started snowing here..by wake up we got 3 inches…it was a beautiful morning to wake up to and if that damn marmot lived here he would never see his stinkin’ shadow. Looking forward to more snow to continue falling today.

WARNING…TOOTH ‘stuff’ ahead…(DEBBIE)

Big day in toothville…Griffin had broken a tooth when he was about 15 months old. We went right to the dentist and she said it seemed everything would be ok.  It was until about a week ago..we noticed a small abscess on the gum. So this morning Griffin had that tooth pulled.  Yep…5 years old and missing an upper front tooth…prolly going to be a space for about another year but the good news is that the bottom two teeth are wiggly… yep…wiggly and getting looser..so there is hope yet…so this is our very last First tooth fairy visit 😦 kinda sad for mom and dad.

now we are off to play in the snow!!


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  1. Liam had his top 2 teeth pulled when he was 5 too! He is FINALLY at 7.5 starting to show the teeniest bit of tooth poking through the gums on one of them.

    Sorry you are getting more snow! We don’t have much snow here, but DANG! it’s cold.

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