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day three…and then some

going really well…(except that I prolly just hexed myself).   Richard is on his annual pilgrimage to Springfield Illinois. The 4 day absence from our lives is felt everyday. Over the past 8 years it has gotten way way better. I have to say this this time was really good. The boys have really pulled themselves together and not fought much and are listening and cooperating! The boys talk about him more when he is not here…but when he calls they have very brief conversations with him.  Kind of hurts his feelings but I am convinced that is just their way of dealing with him being gone.

He saw Todd there and said it was great to see him.  He looks good and seems happy.  I loved hearing that. It makes me happier for him. From what I glean from Debbie’s blog, it seems that she and the kids are adjusting really well to the move. I am glad that I am able to keep up with her and see the kids pictures both in the blog and on facebook. Someday I hope we can go there and see them.  Utah would be a great trip in the summer…if the timing is right!

So Finley has started this thing where she is by her food dish and she tries to cover it with the place mat that is under it by scooting it with her nose. She does it with her rawhide too she tries to ‘hide’ it…it is hysterical. I should try to video it. Now with the camera on the computer I should be able to at least get s little coverage…Richard says she is nesting…what does he know. I had her hair taken down to about an inch. She had some matting from the snow. I keep forgetting that she can not stay outside as long as before…she has actually started barking to come back in…she rarely barks. When she ‘thinks’ she sees something outside she will bark…for the life of me I can NEVER see what she is barking at…EVER.

So the snow is melting here and it has been 38-40 degrees the past two days. Bright and sunny with no clouds…signs that the harshness of the sharp temperature drops are over for this year. I am loving all the snow…so much better then the years where it is just brown for 4 months…BLUCK. Griffin and I sledded with  friends yesterday it was fun…that boys loves his out of doors.  I am convinced that he would play outside even in the bitter clod of winter if I did not stop him.

I have a friend whose husband as diagnosed with Esophageal cancer about 2 weeks ago.  This news never does anything but hit hard. They were told that it is in the very advanced stages. I do not know if it is in other places of his body and I do not know what pre-cursor things brought them to the Doctor but I would ask that those of you who have it in you to pray for this family please do so. I know that statistically the odds are not good but I do believe that God has a purpose for bringing this family to this point. they have three grown kids, like 16, 20 and 24 maybe and two little girls both 4 from Russia.  I think about she and her family every day and about her DH who is such a wonderful man, husband, provider and dad. Please put them at the front of your prayers.

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