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Home SWEET home

We had a long boring trip to Des Moines.  No sugar coating here..Spencer does fine with the rides because he busies himself…movies, DS, reading, drawing.  Griffins favorite thing to do…ride bike and razors. Not really car ride friendly. He survived.  We arived in Iowa shortly after 4 and they hit the pool running. Note to self. Have them put wim suits on in car while driving…

We had a yummy dinner and settled in for the night and by 9AM we were well on our way to the Ryan’s farm.  It was about 45 minutes from Des Moines. It was boring…until we were in the final stretch.  We told the boys as soon as we hit a gravel road we would be about 3 miles away. They ’bout lept out of their seats when we hit the gravel running. When we opened our doors at the farm  heard all the barking. They breed and raise: Soft Coated Wheated Terriers of which they had 11 puppies barking, Yorkies…Coton’s and beagles…lots of beagles. In fact, one just won the Grand Champion of the UKC.  We headed to the barns where the dogs are all kept.  We got to meet Millie but not Harry (whose full name is Harry MacGyver for those who know me well know why that is so cool…).  We headed into the house to meet our girl…she is a bruiser, though she is small for her age…statistically for a Wheaten.  When we walked out the door with her she was 5 lbs 10 oz.  Only 25 more pounds to grow. She is a beautiful girl.  GIRL…Finley, and yes that is the correct spelling..I think Dad talked Spence out of the PH spelling. Katie and her Finley…what an honor it is for us to share a name with such a beautiful and smart little girl.  It fits her perfectly.

The car ride was well,….boring…yeah you read that right. Finely slept about 4 of the 6 hours home. The boys took turns holding her and petting her while she slept. She did manage to stay awake enough to let them get some play time in with her.

As expected…the arrival home brought all the neighbors out to see her.  She was very good with every one and let everyone have a turn with her. It was funny to hear all the kids gathered around telling ‘dog stories’.  During dinner we had her in her kennel.  She was not happy and howled the entire time.  At bed time it took her about 40 minutes to calm down in her kennel again and go to sleep.

I have lots of pics…on the camera…so those will have to wait till another time…I have to get the boys at VBS!!!


the BIG 4-0…

plus six….hehehe.

OK so today Richard is finally the same age as me…less 34 days.  He can not call me old lady till next January 11th when I am his old lady for 34 days! He takes great pleasure in that 34 days and every opportunity to call me old lady. Ha time is up!

We had homemade rice pancakes this morning…(cooked rice, onion, salt, pepper and eggs mixed together and cooked in butter PAM) with warmed sliced ham served with apple sauce. It was most satisfying..the boys were not too hip but dad loved it and that is what counts. The boys ended up with frosted mini wheat’s after trying the rice pancakes.  GO figure.  After Sunday School the boys (all three of them) went swimming at the local pool.  It is obviously, indoors, and for any sized family to swim from 11:30 – 1:00 is six bucks. The water is a very balmy 82° plus and the boys don’t get cold…even the big boy (dad), and  that is saying something he usually is cold after five minutes in the water. Then it was out for lunch and home for the afternoon.

He loved his gift from the boys…two movies he has been wanting: Stargate SG-1 and Narnia Prince Caspian. They each made him a card too full of sea creatures. For dinner he chose to stay home and I am making Porkchops and apple cole slaw. (Can’t link it but it is of course Rachael Ray.) His cake was made yesterday by the boys and I with our expert baking hands and the cake smells out of this world.  The boys can not grasp why dad would want a cake that doesn’t have frosting, just a dusting of powdered sugar!!! Go figure.  We will have some friends over for cake later on this afternoon or evening.  So that will be the extent of the ‘party’. Just one more thing the boys can not understand, why parents don’t have big blow out parties.

I also have a very good friend celebrating her birthday today.  Votemom stand up and take a bow…I know your 40 + something but I won’t tell a soul. **wink wink** Happy Birthday friend…and many, many more to come. Us old moms to toddlers have to stick together…maybe a club formation is in order…hmmm.  I hope your day is filled with fun memories and the love of your friends and family.I wish for you a healthy and carefree year ahead.

Tomorrow…pictures of Griffins writing and spelling on the big white board.  The kid wants to write and spell everything!! He cracks me up.

about a birthday…

I had a terrific birthday…..thanks for asking and for the wishes everyone.  I started out with a sleep in…well till about 7:30…actually that is early for me as I usually get up about 8 on Sunday…hmmm rethink that for next year (though part of that was the whole back debacle).  I did my grocery game lists and got my stuff together and had some yummy omelet and sausage with the family. Yeah, I let him cook…he can cook some things really well.  Afterwords they headed to Sunday School and church and I got ready for some alone time in the grocery stores.  Doing the list shopping on Sunday mornings is the best.  I get to go alone and I enjoy my time alone. But it wont last long. Church is a family thing we do and so I will have to go on Mondays while Griffin is at school, I am OK with that.

Anyway, (no Jenn I am not having an ADD moment) I come down from showering and ready to hit the stores and my cars battery is DEAD…yep…barely breathing. I call two neighbor men and no one is home….Church…right….so I finally get a hold of the one guy (the real one I wanted because he owns a two shop and has all the right stuff) he is on his way home and he can help out. So I have to wait.  Once he gets home he brings a charger and we charge it for 10 minutes and I am good to go. Now, for a GG’er the way to spend the birthday could not have been better…I hit my three stores and made it home having spent only $122.00…heaven I am in heaven.  I have to plug my GG again…it is a life and money saver for us.

SO once I get home…I get the stuff put away and get to open my gift from my boys. Now, most moms would expect something….um….ahhhh…momish girlish…not this mom…my boys know me..I got a T1 Western Digital External Hard drive…and I was more then thrilled!!!  I have yet to get it working but it has room for 285,000 jpegs (photos) and 285,000 MP3’s .  I have 3200 MP3’s and 3500 jpegs…so I got me enough storage for a little bit more time…and and and I get a ton of free space on my hard drive on my laptop giving me more speed and just an all over happier momma…

Off to dinner we go…our favorite place Bob Chinn’s..best fresh seafood around. Not cheap, not easy to get into but sooooo worth it…I had fresh clam, clam chowder, charbroiled grouper, white rice and Dr. Pepper!!  Same for Richard only he had a diet (that man) and Spencer had crab legs….he loves his legs…he had soup too…Griffin….my little easy eater. He had eggrolls with peanut butter in them…they were oh so yummy…I was sung to (which BTW I hate) when the boys told them it was my birthday.  Along with that I got a free slice of chocolate peanut banana pie. Delicious glad that they sang after all.

The very full ride home was quite and, well, full.  We all ate way too much.  Once home the boys let loose with a run around and some wii and, well, Richard and I vegged.  Soon we headed up stairs and the movie tonight Monsters Inc.  I never tire of Sully and Mike. I think I may have slept for about 45 minutes…and yes, it was about 6:00pm….(blush)

The boys hit the sack at the usual and I hit it right after them.  Richard is still struggling with sleep and the back.  He sleeps but not for long and not real well…My God that happened on Thursday how come he is not better by now. PLEEEEEEEase…really, he is banged up pretty good…have to get him on some muscle relaxers.

This morning I went with four other moms to free coffee Monday’s at McD’s. I of course being a non coffee drinker got a sweet tea.  We had a super fun 2 hours of talk from religion to gossip to you name it.  It was fun.

So here I am another year older another year wiser and just as beautiful as ever…inside and out. YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT??!!  I got mob connections,  Right Jenn…Gambino….’nuff said.

It is a celebration weekend here…

So the when the weekend is over I will have aged one more year!!! Originally the idea was that we would go to lunch, all four of us at a favortie fish house.  Then Richard took the boys to shop for a gift to day and they had to argue about the color…Griffin dark blue and Spencer Green…it was enough to make Richard fit to be tied so he loaded them in the car and left.  I do not know what they were looking at but apparently it came in those two colors…and maybe purple…my favortie color. The world may never know. So they cam in the house and both had to go to their respective rooms, which is not really a big deal since in their closet is a private passway to each others rooms that Richard put in for them. SO time in your room, if you play it right doesn’t have to be totally alone. After that drama was over we played a game and litened to music and got dinner made done and eaten…Earlier in the day Spence had gone to a friends for the day and Griffin and Richard made a red velvet cake…YUM…that is for tomorrow though. But I am not sure where the gift thing is going to go.  SO back to lunch..after his ruined trip to the store he came home and said we are going to late lunch by ourselves I will get a sitter for them…now that is a good gift…we never get time alone unless we ship them to my brothers house or they both have playdates….well there is the occasional sitter cuz we have a neighborhood party to go to… but that is just not the same as he and I eating alone for as long as we want.  Hell maybe I can go shopping and get my own gift in whatever color I want!!

SO yeah..Happy Birthday me….Tomorrow.

Wii, we…

we…wii have taken the venture into Wii slowly…it started with wii’s arrival for Spencer’s birthday. Actually, it was about mid-February when we got it.  It sat alone in the closet for 6 months. Once it was given as a gift it was opened and played, with the one hour a day rule on school days and no more then one hour at a time with a four hour break in between plays. That makes it able to be played about 2.5 hours a day total given meals and baths and reading times. That is good for us. We or wii, have had the sports games and Wii Play and that is it since the birthday.  Nearly 4 months. In that time both of the boys have enjoyed the games…making mini-wii’s and such. Both boys have made many many mini-wii guys…remember Barack Obama and John McCain, Hillary and what’s her face. All on their own coming up with the ideas and faces to match. They have made some really good likenesses.  Griffin A.L.W.A.Y.S….always plays with the same guy. He is a dark dark skinned guy with no hair and dark eyes and dark eyebrows…for all intents and purposes he is a black man. he states it is him….what an odd personal perception of ones self when your a very white Russian, grey eyed, blond haired kid.  Whatever, it really makes no never mind…just interesting.  So you don’t forget that it is boys that play with this 99% of the time…we have character names like poopy face, butt face, spike, He/shewii (OK I made that one) farthead, you get my drift…bodily functioned name wii’s and there are about 30 of them!!

Our wii-dum has grown.  Christmas brought us: Rapala fishing with rod… Sonic and Mario at the Olympics, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (a steal of a deal for $8.99). Then there is the Wii fit…more on that later. With that came Wii ski (another steal of a deal at $17.99).  The Wii Fit is an interesting little thingy…I was able to get it for about 80 bucks.  It was for both the boys.  So Christmas day they each take a turn on it to see what it does.  It will give you your BMI and Age according to different things you do and input. Spencer scored a little lower then average BMI and an age of 32!!  Griffin scored a little under average and an age of 34!! Next up 45 (nearly 46) year old dad.  He scored a very average BMI and an age of 35!! WTH…it told him he was in good shape and to keep up what he was doing…again WTH…so that was a little fun…and before you ask..NO this mom did not get on that thing….I do not need to be told what I already know…maybe someday when no one is home to see it all go down…

So all in all the Wii has provided us with some good laughs and family fun.  We especially like to play family bowling.Now, if I could keep my very competitve boy happy I would be pleased…and I do mean Griffin!!! Good Golly the boy has a hot Russian temper!!

Our favorites…and a little more

SO the Christmas gifts that were favorite this year…

Dad….lots of new cold weather shirts

mom…hand mixer

Spencer…Digital Camera

Griffin…all the blue things he got: Blue bike Helmet, Blue Radio/cd player

it was a great morning of leisure and fun…it took much longer to open gifts as Griffin wanted to explore each gift…Spencer was let’s get ’em all open and then explore them…they are funny boys…

Today we took a trip down to Oma and Opa’s house. We had a date set up with Aunt Judy who is in town from Baltimore for a few days for Christmas….we could not miss out on this opportunity to see her. We took her to lunch at the Olive Garden and we all got to talk with her and see how she is liking life in Baltimore…It was a really nice visit. We head back down to Oma and Opa’s for our Christmas with them in nine days.  The boys are really excited for that too.  I think we are extremely lucky that we have conected so well with the whole family and that both the boys are able to have an Oma and Opa…Griffin is loved and welcomed like he was their birth grand child. WE ARE BLESSED…

Christmas Eve Christmas Day and beyond

I had put no thought to a Christmas themed post for the next two days. As I read around the blog-o-sphere this morning, of my friends posts, I did not see a host of Christmas thoughts or posts. One or two. So I do not feel bad that I have not put together this reflective Christmas post.

I will say that I love having the snow we have….I hate the dreary looks of the brown grass and leaf-less trees. It is nice to have so much white. We have about 20 inches so I do not think we will loose it before Christmas. That is always nice. This morning it has gone from raining to huge ginormous (as Griffin says) snowflakes to a very fine flake and back again for the last 2 hours. We are in the itty bitty snowflake phase right now.

The boys are excited for the visit from that “right jolly ‘ole elf”…they are talking about what they think they will be getting off their lists of things they wanted. Spencer has had some talk about Santa not being real and that he knows it is just mom and dad but, I think, as the day nears, he has a little more belief in that magic that I keep telling him is there in all of us if we just believe. I think another showing of The Polar Express is in order.

We have friends that are leaving for Disney World tomorrow afternoon. They are very excited as it is their first trip with their little girls. We have talked a lot about what will be good for them to do. I am happy for them they are really excited to go. I wish I could be going too but right now I have other things I want to do with that small amount of extra cash we have. Like paint Griff’s room and work on the basement. It won’t get finished but at least I can get some shelves to get a start on that organization.

Forever, deep in my heart, are the memories of Christmas’ past when my father was still alive. (I miss and think about him most everyday.) The big holiday parties and the Christmas Pageants at church. Making and decorating cookies with my mom EVERY YEAR..I miss that too..I rejoice in the everyday triumphs of my little family. The things we are fortunate to have and do…together….as a family…I am terribly thankful that I was blessed to be the mom to not one but two beautiful, smart boys. They are a daily source of joy and pride. I am also ever cognizant of the two women, whom without which, I could not be so happy. The two men who may or may not know that they are fathers.

I am exceedingly happy to be married to my best friend who I would go to the end of this earth to help, protect or simply make happy. He IS my rock, without him I might crumble.

To all my readers, friends, family and lurkers, I hope that the spirit of Christmas finds and follows you, that your days are as bright as that star that guided the wise men so long ago.