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My dear friend…I do not know why I choose not to blog…it comes and goes for me…mostly goes right now…I will make every attempt to blog like once in a while….not as much while as it has been. Maybe I can muster once a week…let me work on it…and I will be joining you with eyejot soon!!! It is about time I got in the next century. Maybe my SIL and her kids can talk on the internet now too and actually see each other in real time since they have moved to Utah. This could be a very good thing.

More in a few days…..hey look at that I am gone for 7 months and they make changes you can post private password and private total…kinda crazy this internet…


the BIG 4-0…

plus six….hehehe.

OK so today Richard is finally the same age as me…less 34 days.  He can not call me old lady till next January 11th when I am his old lady for 34 days! He takes great pleasure in that 34 days and every opportunity to call me old lady. Ha time is up!

We had homemade rice pancakes this morning…(cooked rice, onion, salt, pepper and eggs mixed together and cooked in butter PAM) with warmed sliced ham served with apple sauce. It was most satisfying..the boys were not too hip but dad loved it and that is what counts. The boys ended up with frosted mini wheat’s after trying the rice pancakes.  GO figure.  After Sunday School the boys (all three of them) went swimming at the local pool.  It is obviously, indoors, and for any sized family to swim from 11:30 – 1:00 is six bucks. The water is a very balmy 82° plus and the boys don’t get cold…even the big boy (dad), and  that is saying something he usually is cold after five minutes in the water. Then it was out for lunch and home for the afternoon.

He loved his gift from the boys…two movies he has been wanting: Stargate SG-1 and Narnia Prince Caspian. They each made him a card too full of sea creatures. For dinner he chose to stay home and I am making Porkchops and apple cole slaw. (Can’t link it but it is of course Rachael Ray.) His cake was made yesterday by the boys and I with our expert baking hands and the cake smells out of this world.  The boys can not grasp why dad would want a cake that doesn’t have frosting, just a dusting of powdered sugar!!! Go figure.  We will have some friends over for cake later on this afternoon or evening.  So that will be the extent of the ‘party’. Just one more thing the boys can not understand, why parents don’t have big blow out parties.

I also have a very good friend celebrating her birthday today.  Votemom stand up and take a bow…I know your 40 + something but I won’t tell a soul. **wink wink** Happy Birthday friend…and many, many more to come. Us old moms to toddlers have to stick together…maybe a club formation is in order…hmmm.  I hope your day is filled with fun memories and the love of your friends and family.I wish for you a healthy and carefree year ahead.

Tomorrow…pictures of Griffins writing and spelling on the big white board.  The kid wants to write and spell everything!! He cracks me up.


We are still waiting to talk to the SW about the finding of N. I was supposed to talk to her on Wednesday but she had to do a home visit and it went much longer then she thought it would.  I want to talk with her when the boys are not around so that I do not have to talk in code. That means my next available moment will be Wednesday morning. That is a while away and leave me ample time to think way more about this then I should be. Wait till Wednesday afternoon for a check in from me on that.

Which leads me to LOST


I thank my friend, votemom, for sending me the first season,  so that we could become addicted to the show like everyone else in America. We are about half way through the first season and are enjoying it a lot.  We try to do two episodes after the boys go to bed each night.  I lost (no pun intended) Richard ten minutes into the second episode (episode 10) last night.  He is very busy and by 9:45 he is cashed and we still have about 30 minutes left. Missing the show last night will be OK I can catch him up but he is not allowed to miss again. I like watching programs this way…it is nice with no commercials and you can watch as much as you want or can is a single sitting.  I wanted to buy season three and four since vote already got season one and two but apparently…she already got three and four…UGH. I hope she got them cheap I found them for $30 bucks each. Sometimes I get mad at her…not really. So if your looking for us after 8PM we are sitting in front of the tube watching old LOST episodes…

day two…of five off of school

So hubby and I decided that for the boys to play Wii on the weekend they would have to earn their time.  It means doing real honest to god educational work during the week that is not homework.  They have many things to choose from. One of the things is to work together reading or playing educational games and puzzles. Our goal was for them to A.) get more educational time in and B.) let them learn about earning things other then allowance.

playing school during a day off school

playing school during a day off school

here you see that in action…it is so nice. They are working on opposites in this picture and currently, teacher is working with student on letter sounds in the pup/pop books.  Too dang cute.  Now, those of you with girls, this is probably not such a new thing, but two boys, playing school, willingly…a mom and teachers dream come true.  Spencer earns his time in 15 minutes increments Griffin, just based on my say so. Spencer must keep track of his own time though. SO far this week Spencer earned 45 minutes…not to shabby. Saturday and Sunday are long days when it is to cold to go outside.  He will be happy he decided to try it, without that Wii he would be bored.

Yes, it is 1:30 in the afternoon here and they are in their PJ’s….we have no where to go and no one to see so I did not care that they wanted to stay in thier PJ’s today.  I know I never had PJ day when I was little and I always wanted to.  I don’t see what the big deal is…they also have many, many pairs of matching PJ’s and have been on this kick to wear the same one as each other every night. Cute but made me get all the laundry done so that they could since this was not the way  it was last week.  Last week if the older one had one the same Pj’s as the younger one then the older one was mad and changed out of his….fickle.

Off to make some yummy focaccia bread and a loaf of french…they love to cook and bake and the 15 minutes of schooling has almost hit an end. Hmmm maybe Parmesan, evoo today.

see ya

about a birthday…

I had a terrific birthday…..thanks for asking and for the wishes everyone.  I started out with a sleep in…well till about 7:30…actually that is early for me as I usually get up about 8 on Sunday…hmmm rethink that for next year (though part of that was the whole back debacle).  I did my grocery game lists and got my stuff together and had some yummy omelet and sausage with the family. Yeah, I let him cook…he can cook some things really well.  Afterwords they headed to Sunday School and church and I got ready for some alone time in the grocery stores.  Doing the list shopping on Sunday mornings is the best.  I get to go alone and I enjoy my time alone. But it wont last long. Church is a family thing we do and so I will have to go on Mondays while Griffin is at school, I am OK with that.

Anyway, (no Jenn I am not having an ADD moment) I come down from showering and ready to hit the stores and my cars battery is DEAD…yep…barely breathing. I call two neighbor men and no one is home….Church…right….so I finally get a hold of the one guy (the real one I wanted because he owns a two shop and has all the right stuff) he is on his way home and he can help out. So I have to wait.  Once he gets home he brings a charger and we charge it for 10 minutes and I am good to go. Now, for a GG’er the way to spend the birthday could not have been better…I hit my three stores and made it home having spent only $122.00…heaven I am in heaven.  I have to plug my GG again…it is a life and money saver for us.

SO once I get home…I get the stuff put away and get to open my gift from my boys. Now, most moms would expect something….um….ahhhh…momish girlish…not this mom…my boys know me..I got a T1 Western Digital External Hard drive…and I was more then thrilled!!!  I have yet to get it working but it has room for 285,000 jpegs (photos) and 285,000 MP3’s .  I have 3200 MP3’s and 3500 jpegs…so I got me enough storage for a little bit more time…and and and I get a ton of free space on my hard drive on my laptop giving me more speed and just an all over happier momma…

Off to dinner we go…our favorite place Bob Chinn’s..best fresh seafood around. Not cheap, not easy to get into but sooooo worth it…I had fresh clam, clam chowder, charbroiled grouper, white rice and Dr. Pepper!!  Same for Richard only he had a diet (that man) and Spencer had crab legs….he loves his legs…he had soup too…Griffin….my little easy eater. He had eggrolls with peanut butter in them…they were oh so yummy…I was sung to (which BTW I hate) when the boys told them it was my birthday.  Along with that I got a free slice of chocolate peanut banana pie. Delicious glad that they sang after all.

The very full ride home was quite and, well, full.  We all ate way too much.  Once home the boys let loose with a run around and some wii and, well, Richard and I vegged.  Soon we headed up stairs and the movie tonight Monsters Inc.  I never tire of Sully and Mike. I think I may have slept for about 45 minutes…and yes, it was about 6:00pm….(blush)

The boys hit the sack at the usual and I hit it right after them.  Richard is still struggling with sleep and the back.  He sleeps but not for long and not real well…My God that happened on Thursday how come he is not better by now. PLEEEEEEEase…really, he is banged up pretty good…have to get him on some muscle relaxers.

This morning I went with four other moms to free coffee Monday’s at McD’s. I of course being a non coffee drinker got a sweet tea.  We had a super fun 2 hours of talk from religion to gossip to you name it.  It was fun.

So here I am another year older another year wiser and just as beautiful as ever…inside and out. YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT??!!  I got mob connections,  Right Jenn…Gambino….’nuff said.

The whole story…

Ok so I was with Griffin at an early morning playdate.  I was all set to come home and get started on some house things…I get in the car at about 11:40 and see I missed two calls. So I open to see it was Richard. Cool maybe he is nearby and wants to have lunch with Griffin and I.  Cool we dont get to do that very often any more. I call him back and his exact words are; ” I am hurt where are you?” I said, “where are you” and he replied, “at home”. So now as I floor the accelerator I ask him to tel me what happened.  From the way he is talking I can tell he is in a great deal of pain.  Hes just asks me to get home. We get in our neighborhood and I am going about 50 MPH and Griffin, bless his heart says, “mommy we should not go too fast in out neighborhood!” In the mean time I have called my friend and neighbor to come down and try to get in to fort knox….I mean out house. (Note to self, get keypad to garage door fixed once and for all!!) She is waiting for me as I drive like Tony Stewart into the driveway.  She grabs Griffin and I bolt inside…there sits the man in super uber pain….and he is not one to let pain do much to him…high tolerance.  Needless to say, he was taking short breaths and looked like he was really hurting.  I got him up and into the car and we went straight away to the hospital. On our way there, he told me how he slid on a small embankment and stopped right on some ice and felt literally fell flat on his back.  He stayed motionless for more then ten minutes. Once up he went to his car and come home. He was not alone there was another guy there.  He told me he was having a hard time drawing a deep breath and that his back was fine it was his chest that had ALL THE PAIN.

So once at the hospital they decided that he should have an EKG and be on a cardiac monitor as well as have a cardiac blood workup and a chest x-ray. He had to have three EKG’s and was on the cardiac monitor for about 4 hours and had to have an IV and blood draw.  His EKG came out fine and the chest xray came out fine and the cardiac monitoring only showed some extra heart work from the swelling of the chest muscles. They also said that when the muscles and ligaments around the heart are injured the heart works a little bit harder.   After being there about 6-7 hours we went home.  Pain meds and all……….We stopped and picked up both the boys who were now with our friends and went home….it was a long ans stressful day.  Worrying about your heart is a tough business…if you were to ask Richard he had no idea how stressed I was till we got home and talked about it before we fell asleep. He thought I was OK with it the whole time…you know me the heartless one. I was worried that he punctured a lung or had internal bleeding or even GOD FORBID damaged his heart.  We are fortunalte that while he did hurt his heart h did not damage it permanently.

Today, he wanted to go to the office…for the love of GOD. We had 6 inches of snow fall last night and it was snowing quite good when we woke up.  I told him I would take him and he had one hour. So we dropped the boys at school and headed for the what is usually a 12 minute trip.  It took over an hour.  But he was able to relax and that is OK with me.  As promised ,one hour later, we left and picked up Griffin at school and a few books at the library and headed home to the recliner. He is resting with a book as we speak. Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for all you positive thoughts and prayers friends.  It is appreciated very much. I also appreciate that I did not have to think once about the boys and the care they were in. It made the hospital stuff easier to handle.

I suppose that I should have added a bit more…

…I have a friend who wants to get some adoption things out . She is not wanting everyone and Joe reading. She does not want a blog permenantly.. she wants to have adoption people give her some feed back.  So for her, I said I would take the blog private for a few weeks let her work out some issues and then open it back up again.  So what I am thinking (and Della this is no reflection on you because I have had a couple non adoption involved people email me privately, and the next time you meet up down here with Debbie I would love to actually meet you!!) I will be taking the blog private for about a month maybe a hair longer…then make her posts private and open it back up again. How does that sound or work.  I could email those of you who want to come back and read here again…or not…I really don’t want anyone to feel like I am excluding them…I have some of you who are loyal readers and check in every day (and I appreciate that you are interested in me and the family), who are not in the adoption world. I don’t want you guys to feel like there is some big conspiracy going on…just a friend who wants to works somethings out.