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We are still waiting to talk to the SW about the finding of N. I was supposed to talk to her on Wednesday but she had to do a home visit and it went much longer then she thought it would.  I want to talk with her when the boys are not around so that I do not have to talk in code. That means my next available moment will be Wednesday morning. That is a while away and leave me ample time to think way more about this then I should be. Wait till Wednesday afternoon for a check in from me on that.

Which leads me to LOST


I thank my friend, votemom, for sending me the first season,  so that we could become addicted to the show like everyone else in America. We are about half way through the first season and are enjoying it a lot.  We try to do two episodes after the boys go to bed each night.  I lost (no pun intended) Richard ten minutes into the second episode (episode 10) last night.  He is very busy and by 9:45 he is cashed and we still have about 30 minutes left. Missing the show last night will be OK I can catch him up but he is not allowed to miss again. I like watching programs this way…it is nice with no commercials and you can watch as much as you want or can is a single sitting.  I wanted to buy season three and four since vote already got season one and two but apparently…she already got three and four…UGH. I hope she got them cheap I found them for $30 bucks each. Sometimes I get mad at her…not really. So if your looking for us after 8PM we are sitting in front of the tube watching old LOST episodes…


some fun things…for school lunches

Spencer and I had been talking about eating healthier lately.  Wanting him to have better meals for munch so that he is not starving when he come home from school.  Now mind you, his lunch is very very early…he is at school by 8:45 and recess is at 10:50 with lunch at 11:10.  So mostly he is full from breakfast…the lunches at school, ummm, leave little to be desired. Some of them are really good and that is a plus but mostly not so much. He has his favorites too…he loves the french toast stick days and the pizza days of course.  He also like nachos and the occasional chicken sandwich. But for 20 days of the month to eat those types of lunches is, well, bluck…

Enter…laptop lunches… and Wrap N Mat…I found these two little gems through some internet buddies of mine and I tell ya these are both great. Always looking for the deal the laptop lunch I was able to score on Ebay for about $12 less then the actual vitural store. But I had to get black and purple. My boy so doesn’t care though. He loves the laptop lunch.  I love the no garbage lunch idea so we both win. The other one…the wrap n mat is great for those days that he does need to take a lunch with garbage…like a field trip.  I wrap his sandwich in the pirate one and when he is finished with it the garbage goes in the garbage and the wrap goes in his pocket. Again win win….and he even uses it in his laptop lunch.  It is way cool…in fact so cool that I received calls from two of his friends moms asking where to get one and one of the lunchroom supervisors wrote me a note asking for more information!!!  We had the old stand by lunch bag that clipped to his backpack because we have THIS back pack from Pottery Barn and his lunch hooked right on the front. It was not compact and ready for a garbage free lunch …I was always looking for containers that fit and usually got frustrated and used baggies. No more!!!

Check out the sites there are some great ideas for lunches too…

we survived..

I know it sounds like we just went through a major catastrophe… for us this was one though.  Imagine if you will,  a family of four where the first round of illness knocks out the dad and the older son and round two takes the mom out leaving… the 4 year old in charge….. Of course all he wants to do is play ATV’s and monster trucks and build a city and make garages and paint…and well you see where this is going. He doesn’t do laundry or clean up bathrooms or bring ice water and ice to the ill.  He whines about not having anyone to play with. I tried to get him to go to a friends on Friday night but it was not to happen.  I knew he was fine and going to be fine…he got the flu shot.  It is recommended for all of us because of my medications depleting my immune system as well because of  Griffin’s asthma. But this year he was the only one who got it.  LUCKY DAWG!

We did manage to get a few things done though.  I think we managed well. After Spencer and Richard were down all day Friday and part of Thursday by Saturday, mid morning they were felling better. Not great, but defiantly not sick any more just a little wore out. Saturday, Griffin had a birthday party to go to so all the testosterone left the house and took him to the party. It was OK for Richard he got to sit and read the paper and do more relaxing. Griffin and Spencer participated though Spencer much less so. I stayed home and groaned in bed from Friday night till Sunday morning. I was determined to scrapbook and I till ya, Saturday night I was about in tears because I wanted to go so bad and it just was not looking very good. Saturday night there was a CYT play we had tickets for at the community college. Schoolhouse Rock. (your old, you remember it don’t lie)  I REALLY wanted to go and was feeling rocky…better not…scrap booking is my goal.   Off my family went, they loved it, I missed it. There will be others.

On Sunday morning I was feeling OKAY…not great but OK.  I got up and had a little to eat and then waited and waited nothing happened.  It had been over 24 hours since anything had happened…I was going to try to make it to scrap.  I was going to be about 2 1/2 hours late but some was better then none. I packed up and went.  By the end of the day I was better then OK but not great and that was OK because in my flu induced stupior I got 12 pages completed.

SO OK OK OK it was not catastrophic…but it was bad those few hours that Griffin was the head of the house hold.  Don’t believe me…let him come and run your family for 5 or 6 hours and you will see why it really was a little catastrophic here…and you will know what I mean by WE SURVIVED.

Photos to follow…no not of the sickness of the pages I did silly…

The whole story…

Ok so I was with Griffin at an early morning playdate.  I was all set to come home and get started on some house things…I get in the car at about 11:40 and see I missed two calls. So I open to see it was Richard. Cool maybe he is nearby and wants to have lunch with Griffin and I.  Cool we dont get to do that very often any more. I call him back and his exact words are; ” I am hurt where are you?” I said, “where are you” and he replied, “at home”. So now as I floor the accelerator I ask him to tel me what happened.  From the way he is talking I can tell he is in a great deal of pain.  Hes just asks me to get home. We get in our neighborhood and I am going about 50 MPH and Griffin, bless his heart says, “mommy we should not go too fast in out neighborhood!” In the mean time I have called my friend and neighbor to come down and try to get in to fort knox….I mean out house. (Note to self, get keypad to garage door fixed once and for all!!) She is waiting for me as I drive like Tony Stewart into the driveway.  She grabs Griffin and I bolt inside…there sits the man in super uber pain….and he is not one to let pain do much to him…high tolerance.  Needless to say, he was taking short breaths and looked like he was really hurting.  I got him up and into the car and we went straight away to the hospital. On our way there, he told me how he slid on a small embankment and stopped right on some ice and felt literally fell flat on his back.  He stayed motionless for more then ten minutes. Once up he went to his car and come home. He was not alone there was another guy there.  He told me he was having a hard time drawing a deep breath and that his back was fine it was his chest that had ALL THE PAIN.

So once at the hospital they decided that he should have an EKG and be on a cardiac monitor as well as have a cardiac blood workup and a chest x-ray. He had to have three EKG’s and was on the cardiac monitor for about 4 hours and had to have an IV and blood draw.  His EKG came out fine and the chest xray came out fine and the cardiac monitoring only showed some extra heart work from the swelling of the chest muscles. They also said that when the muscles and ligaments around the heart are injured the heart works a little bit harder.   After being there about 6-7 hours we went home.  Pain meds and all……….We stopped and picked up both the boys who were now with our friends and went home….it was a long ans stressful day.  Worrying about your heart is a tough business…if you were to ask Richard he had no idea how stressed I was till we got home and talked about it before we fell asleep. He thought I was OK with it the whole time…you know me the heartless one. I was worried that he punctured a lung or had internal bleeding or even GOD FORBID damaged his heart.  We are fortunalte that while he did hurt his heart h did not damage it permanently.

Today, he wanted to go to the office…for the love of GOD. We had 6 inches of snow fall last night and it was snowing quite good when we woke up.  I told him I would take him and he had one hour. So we dropped the boys at school and headed for the what is usually a 12 minute trip.  It took over an hour.  But he was able to relax and that is OK with me.  As promised ,one hour later, we left and picked up Griffin at school and a few books at the library and headed home to the recliner. He is resting with a book as we speak. Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for all you positive thoughts and prayers friends.  It is appreciated very much. I also appreciate that I did not have to think once about the boys and the care they were in. It made the hospital stuff easier to handle.

Feeling good about doing good….

With the spirit of the season here, Richard and I always find a way to provide for another family.  It is usually a family that lives in the city, someone we have no chance of knowing. Growing up in Lake County, I never wanted to support a local family because, well, honestly, I did not ever want to help someone I know.  There is always a chance that you could be given the name of a family and you could know them.  I wanted no chance of that happening so we have always gone into to Cook County….fast forward this year…

Hanging with some moms at s one day at preschool about 10 days ago listening to one of the moms recount how her husband has lost his job, they do not have enough money to get food on the table every night or make a mortgage payment. He and others at his company were demoted rather then let go so that the company did not have to pay unemployment…he is making 1/4 of what he did.  She was crying and deeply depressed. One of the last things she said to us was, there will be no Christmas tree this year, we just can not swing it. After she and a couple other moms left three of us said…OK what are we going to do. I told them what Richard and I do each year and how I thought that this might be the family for us to try to help out this year.  So it was decided, the three of us moms would gather what monies we could and help them through this already tough season.  We knew we were not fixing their problem…we were just doing what friends can do. That after noon we set out to get started. Emailing people and places looking for anything we could get.

The following preschool day, our friend said that someone here must have felt the need to leave a Christmas tree at her home….oddly it was none of us moms at preschool…each morning we would get together and combine what we had….slowly the monies were adding up. We talked about how we wanted this to be anonymous.   We did not want a connection to come to us for various reasons. How would we do that.  I had the answer, a male friend of mine, this is right up his alley, he loves to do these things. I called he he was elated and honored to be asked. So now all we had to do was collect and turn the cash in to gift cards and it would be ready.

Yesterday….the delivery day.   How much would we have…would it be a respectable amount to give?   Certainly we did not want to overwhelm either.  Hoping we had a good happy medium…we counted and added and collected.  When it was over and ready for delivery we had…..


a turkey and a couple large size bags of dog food…how could this be?? How in ten days did we get so fortunate…in this economy…we all thanked God for the blessing that was to be delivered.We were all astounded. When 8PM rolled around my friend and I drove over to the house.  I hid in the back seat…it was really exciting and in the pit of my stomach, you know the one where you always have that bad feeling, mine actually felt good..really good. After she demanded to know who it was that sent her this basket, food and dog food and he said I can not tell you, he hopped back in the car and we drove away.  Once inside the house I am sure that she was as astounded as we were.  We can only hope and pray now that she and her family feel as blessed as we do giving it to her.

The aftermath of the day has us wondering now if it was right.  I knew we would be in this place. She is good friends with one of the girls who worked on this with me. After the delivery, this girl expected to hear from her with all the ‘accusations’ of you  did this and how wonderful etc…she heard nothing…not a word, not a call, not an email. At preschool drop off she was purposefully later then all of us. None of us saw her.  She had her mom pick up her daughter…second guessing is rampant…did her husband get angry with her for sharing so much that people did this for them? Is she embarrassed?  Mind you we did not ask other preschool families for a donation..it was five families that knew at preschool…but she doesn’t know that. So here we sit, wondering about it all. What she has not heard yet is that tuition for her daughters preschool is paid in full and that her other two children, who attend private Catholic school, have also been paid full for this year. What will happen then??

We hope and pray that we have not caused more strife and anger at the home by trying to do good for them.What do you all think….

History and graciousness

Having grown up in a Democratic household, in a time where you would simply go and punch Democratic and vote for everyone Democratic and that was it…I have to say that there are some people who are, or would be, astounded, perhaps angered, at the party electing a black President.  I am not.  It is a great day for America. There have and will be many black Americans who have and will change out history.  I am just excited to be American (always have been) and be able to live and see history in the making and history changing.

I also am finding that listening to the Republican concession speech brought feelings of proud-ness. In America you can loose with grace and dignity. You can be a war hero and survivor and be proud of who you are and who you have become and where you will go.  You can support whom you see fit and tell others who traveled with you that it’s OK, we will work together.

The choices this year were not optimum. Choices had to be made, people had the responsibility to vote and did…in record numbers even though the choices were not optimum. It makes me proud to be and American…i I took a major leap in Patriotism after 9/11…I am taking another leap now lets keep the momentum going and work through the issues ahead…be supportive and receive support back. I see changes and I hope that they are all positive…

Adopting from Korea…

I have a friend that I met on line at an adoption forum…through talking with her there I learned that she is from Illinois and after a little more conversation I learned that she was using the same agency that we did, The Cradle small world this Internet is. She and husband had an interesting trip to Russia to adopt their son. Highlights of the trip were not limited to her husband being in a Russian Hospital in excruciating pain while trying to pass Kidney stones for days.

Jen, Steve and their son hope to bring a sister home for R in the future from Korea. Adoption from Korea is a lengthy process. Longer then in Russia for sure. So in order to begin to raise funding for the agency costs, they are compiling a cookbook.  If you have recipes you would like to include to help them fill out the book and then maybe make the very small donation to buy one that would be fantastic.