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for starters…

Cookies like you will not believe… I have a great friend Kelly Kirby, who makes awesome cookies…she is in her own little business making them like gang busters…These are not hers but she could so do these…and prolly cuter.. but if your not local or don’t know Kelly I am sure each and everyone of you can make these…

This is going to be working somewhere in my home very soon…

So tonight I jump back in the saddle so to speak…I am going to try to put on that scrapbooking hat back on.  I am going to take it slow and easy…I am not going to push it and piss myself off…nope if I finish one page in 6 hours that will be fine…..ACK…let’s hope not.

Last night I went out to dinner with some lady friends of mine…we had a super great time…the food sucked but I was in it for the company anyway. Casa Bonita was not all that it is cracked up to be but they came through in the end and comped my meal and gave me dessert…which was blucky…fried cheesecake…hot cheesecake…not yummy…so I got to have fun and eat some not so good food.  Laurie and Michelle C were hysterical they had libations so they were giggly…I was the DD but did take a small sip of the margaritas they were devouring enjoying at a good pace. YUM. In fact here is a picture of the two of them…shortly before we went home…photo taken with the DROID… I was not impressed with the photo ability…but it is still a good enough picture…and I got to POKE Laurie’s Droid…

anyway…that is where it is at for now…someone has to clean this house…since the cleaning lady doesn’t come anymore…something about not cleaning for free..I don’t know…


Forever in Blue Jeans…huh..

With the desire of a few of my pals wanting me to start blogging again I decided it was time to start anew…change it up..become more….. me like…I am sorry that important things have passed me and you by this past year of almost nonexistent blogging. Birthdays were had, family moved away, huge monies were saved couponing, new friends were made, old friendships revisited, loss of some, birth of others. Things go on. With the advent of facebook I did let my self get away from blogging. Big mistake. I have lost my time~line…the place where i kept all my events and dates in order for scrap booking. Huge mistake. Correcting that now!! I need to learn this wordpress all over again. There are many many cool things here now..things I looked for but they did not have…back in the day!!I also have to work on a real header…not that flimsy thing I have going on now…something COOL.

For now…know I am trying to make some come back…not sure what it will be about or when it will jump start but it is in the works.

thanks for being a friend….

Making some changes…

….seeing what I can inspire out of myself…and if you know me…the blog is titled perfectly. More later….


My dear friend…I do not know why I choose not to blog…it comes and goes for me…mostly goes right now…I will make every attempt to blog like once in a while….not as much while as it has been. Maybe I can muster once a week…let me work on it…and I will be joining you with eyejot soon!!! It is about time I got in the next century. Maybe my SIL and her kids can talk on the internet now too and actually see each other in real time since they have moved to Utah. This could be a very good thing.

More in a few days…..hey look at that I am gone for 7 months and they make changes you can post private password and private total…kinda crazy this internet…


I know I am weird…but we did have a splendid time in Southbend Indiana. I love spending time with other mothers who have similar experiences as I do. I connect well with them. I think. Jenn and Sybil are such good people with good hearts a the right intentions…I enjoy my time with them A L O T…..I just wish we could do it more often. I will settle for once a year for now. Next year, if the economy cooperates, I would like to go somewhere like a hotel with a water park or try to schedule more then just one day together…but I will take what I can get.

This year Sybil brought two of Ross’ friends. They are great girls. They played with the kids and everyone had a good time…or so it appeared. I loved having the time to chat live and in person with Jenn and Sybil rather then texting or PMing or emailing or on the phone.  The little time we have to adore eachothers children is priceless. Kate and Anna are from “Griffin’s Russia’ as he calls it. Jenn is a first mom in reunion and an adoptive mom, her daughter Delaney was born in Indiana. They have a somewhat oepn relationship with Delany’s first mom. Jenns grown daughter Lindsey just graduated college and she is in Boston. Jenn was able to go to the graduation ceremony last month.

The kids all play really well together age doesn’t seem to matter and they don’t want the fun to ever end. Anna asked me to come to her house so I am taking that as an official invite and will be showing up at their door maybe next spring. I also asked Jenn to meet us to see the Harry Potter movie items on display at the Museum of Science and Industry next month and she better be there.

The Finster…she is such a good puppy…she is growing so fast…I will post pictures of her too later on down this post.

Griffin is patiently waiting for school to start again.  He has wanted back to school since about the beginning of July. He is bored…you know. Spencer is busy busy..day camp and overnight camps all with the scouts. He has had a ton of time to just play this summer and that is what he loves…I found out that his teacher next year is neighbors to one of Richard’s employees parents, (the dad was also a teacher of mine in High school.) The world seems to be getting smaller each day. Wait till Spencer finds all this out.

Business is doing okay.  It will get better but for now it is keeping 4 families a float and that is what it needs to do right now. I pray that as the days go by the economy continues to inprove and we see a need to hire someone else on. Time…it all takes time. Restructuring…and time.

I leave you with a few shots from the trip and the Fin..and more later..

an unusual occurrence…for sure…

a blog entry from me…..just a couple things floating around in my head lately…so in no specific order…

MICHAEL JACKSON…I was not a rabid fan…I was not a child of the 80’s…I like some of his songs…but not all of them.   I felt sorry for him on more then one occasion as I was old enough to remember his early years.  The years when he was becoming THE Michael Jackson. I wondered how he was being educated..who was mothering him on all those long road trips through strip clubs and casinos. His mom was not there was was at home with the girls..she was not a show mom.  That father…creepy and disturbing does not even tough what I feel when I see him.  The stories of what happened on the road tours…bluck.

The music was soooo good and he was a fantastic entertainer…so many worshiped the very ground he walked on…not me…I don’t have that affection for the industry. When I see the 30+ Michael I see saddness, years of abuse, neglect, over indulgence. The shell of a person who did not know how to be or how to act. Sad.

THIS WEATHER….is a dream come true for me. I struggled through the 100+ days and was so welcoming of the relief. I would love it to be sunny and cool and breezing but I am NOT one to complain. I know that the 100’s are not too far off but for now…I am thankful. I think I have the reverse of Seasonal Affect Disorder…have to come up with a name for it..

PUPPY FINLEY…I can not lie…it has been tough.  I am such an animal lover that leaving her was killing me…the boys were struggling with behaving when around her(and they still do) and that was hard on me too…I know it is not all about me but really this was a lot more then I imagined.  We plug on..I have not taken many pictures of her yet…I do have a bunch of cute ones from our ride home and I will take more this weekend.

FAMILY…we went to see my niece and nephews on Sunday.  They leave today for Utah. The big move.  I was really happy to see them before they left but I am sad that they will be so far away.  I am sad that the business came between the relationship I had with my brother and his family. I am sad that they are leaving.  I know it will be good for them.  This is the best place for my brother who always wanted to ‘serve’ his country but did not want to join the forces. He can work in a govt job as a civilian and still get some of the perks of being on an air force base. I am happiest for him.

BUSINESS….seems to have picked up here this past month.  Hoping that it continues on an upward trend and we can start rebuilding our retirement. That is a big priority for us since we are 46 and do not want to work until we are in our 60’s. Time to enjoy our family would be awesome. For now I am happy to have food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothing on our backs. As always we are forever gratful for our friends and family.

HOME FRONT…I am trying to get back into the 3 week lull of couponing…I have not had to grocery shop since we brought Finley home.  It has been nice. But I really do need to get back in the swing.   Richard is working long days.  He is gone early in the morning, long before we open our eyes and home by 6:30. He is usually beat and hits the bed nearly asleep most nights at 10. The boys….ACK they keep growing…Spencer is 58 inches and 76 lbs. and going into 3rd grade. He is really active in scouting and is in swim lessons right now. Griffin is 44 inches and tips the scales on the light side at about 38 lbs. The boys is all boy covered head to toe with scrapes and bruises.  He rides his bike and razor scooter non-stop most everyday and is also loving swim lessons right now. He will be going to 5 day preschool in the afternoons next year. Kind of a head start for the following year of half day kindergarten. Finley spends her days in the kitchen and front yard. She is training well in the crate and getting way way way too much love and attention…she is just eating it up.

So that is the deal for now……

Home SWEET home

We had a long boring trip to Des Moines.  No sugar coating here..Spencer does fine with the rides because he busies himself…movies, DS, reading, drawing.  Griffins favorite thing to do…ride bike and razors. Not really car ride friendly. He survived.  We arived in Iowa shortly after 4 and they hit the pool running. Note to self. Have them put wim suits on in car while driving…

We had a yummy dinner and settled in for the night and by 9AM we were well on our way to the Ryan’s farm.  It was about 45 minutes from Des Moines. It was boring…until we were in the final stretch.  We told the boys as soon as we hit a gravel road we would be about 3 miles away. They ’bout lept out of their seats when we hit the gravel running. When we opened our doors at the farm  heard all the barking. They breed and raise: Soft Coated Wheated Terriers of which they had 11 puppies barking, Yorkies…Coton’s and beagles…lots of beagles. In fact, one just won the Grand Champion of the UKC.  We headed to the barns where the dogs are all kept.  We got to meet Millie but not Harry (whose full name is Harry MacGyver for those who know me well know why that is so cool…).  We headed into the house to meet our girl…she is a bruiser, though she is small for her age…statistically for a Wheaten.  When we walked out the door with her she was 5 lbs 10 oz.  Only 25 more pounds to grow. She is a beautiful girl.  GIRL…Finley, and yes that is the correct spelling..I think Dad talked Spence out of the PH spelling. Katie and her Finley…what an honor it is for us to share a name with such a beautiful and smart little girl.  It fits her perfectly.

The car ride was well,….boring…yeah you read that right. Finely slept about 4 of the 6 hours home. The boys took turns holding her and petting her while she slept. She did manage to stay awake enough to let them get some play time in with her.

As expected…the arrival home brought all the neighbors out to see her.  She was very good with every one and let everyone have a turn with her. It was funny to hear all the kids gathered around telling ‘dog stories’.  During dinner we had her in her kennel.  She was not happy and howled the entire time.  At bed time it took her about 40 minutes to calm down in her kennel again and go to sleep.

I have lots of pics…on the camera…so those will have to wait till another time…I have to get the boys at VBS!!!