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ahhhhh the Russian adoption process….

Why is it that some people blow through the wait and take little or no time to get home with their children and others wait and wait …I guess it will never be explained…

On the web site www.soulofadoption.com that I belong to, we have a few families waiting for their second trip to pick up their child(ren). I can not figure out why some have been waiting and waiting and other not so much…no one is more deserving then another so why??? I have three posts within the last few days of families going to Russia to complete their families with court dates. Another friend of mine here in Illinois and down the road from me is leaving on the 11th to get her son…we both worked with the Cradle…then there is my faithful reader Jen who is still waiting…she too is using the Cradle and is waiting for her second trip. So why should she have to wait longer then the others…why do the Russian Governing bodies make or take their time coming up with court dates. OK enough complaining but I would love to know the answer…

To Jen… cuz I know you read here…I am thinking about you and wishing that there was something I could do to make this wait time go faster. When we are all home with our kiddos I am having an Illinois party…though they are all boys so it should be blast…boys are my personal fav.


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  1. Thank you, Debi. It’s nice to know that someone thinks about you when you are still waiting.

    Yesterday I was having a down day. I watched our video of trip one and it hit me. I’m so over ready to have him home, but maybe he isn’t ready to come home yet. Maybe God isn’t ready to bring him home because our Little Guy still has some reason to be in Russia.

    Even though this process is messing up our calendar and making it impossible to plan some events, we will wait. Even though our lives are pretty much turned upside down waiting to hear our next travel dates, we will wait. Even though our arms feel so very empty, we will wait. All because we have faith that God will bring him home and then all will be right with the world.

    Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, Debi. It helps to know that others care!

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